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WHINNY Awards to Honor Horsewoman Elizabeth Shatner

Nashville, TN – The Women’s Horse Industry Network has announced that Elizabeth Shatner has been selected as a recipient of a WHINNY award for her efforts in the horse industry.

The WHINNY awards are designed to shine the light on people who are using their high visibility to save and protect horses and to promote the horse industry through charitable efforts. Elizabeth Shatner, wife of actor William Shatner, does just that.

Born with a love of horses, Elizabeth started riding at the age of five. At the tender age of eight, she got her first horse, a Galiceno pony. By 14, she was teaching horseback riding and participating in young judging competitions with the Indiana Arabian Club, winning several national honors and a scholarship. As a part of the scholarship, she was able to attend a USEF judging clinic. It was during her time as a youth judge that she began to see the beauty of art in nature. She attended Purdue University studying equine and animal science and Butler University in Telecommunications. She eventually became a professional horse trainer.

A photo safari trip with her husband in Israel was the spark that ignited her passion for art with photography launching her in another career. She calls her art Flowrosophy, using the nature’s shapes and colors to create pieces that heal the spirit and arouse introspection. Moving back to her love of horses Elizabeth recently unveiled as part of her “Elizabeth Shatner Art by Nature” series the “Unbridled Collection”, a series of digitally painted photographs of horses she has encountered all around the world focusing on Kentucky and the role horses have played in history and their influence on culture.  Elizabeth celebrates these “horses in service” by donating portions of the proceeds from the sale of her artwork to equine-related charities.

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