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Dressage on the First Coast Kicks Off December Events at Jacksonville Equestrian Center

Shelly Van Den Neste and The Governer SRF. (Photo courtesy of Shelly Van Den Neste)

Jacksonville, FL (December 11, 2017) – The Jacksonville Equestrian Center recently began an eclectic month of events with the Dressage on the First Coast Fall Show this December. The show was put on by the Northeast Florida Dressage Association, and featured nearly 40 classes ranging from Training Level through Grand Prix. Riders competed for top scores in the Jacksonville Equestrian Center’s beautiful outdoor show rings.

The Jacksonville Equestrian Center has been known for years as a host of successful dressage shows in Florida. “The staff was professional and on the ball,” said show manager Carlie Evans. Organizations like the Northeast Florida Dressage Association benefit from the facility’s knowledgeable staff, first-class amenities, over 400 permanent stalls, superior arena footing, and close proximity to major highways, downtown Jacksonville, and sunny Florida beaches.

At the Dressage on the First Coast Fall Show, the horses arrived at the equestrian center for a weekend of fun and friendly competition.  “We received lots of great comments on the facility from the old regulars and a few new people that had never been there before that said they will definitely come back,” said Evans.  Winner of the FEI Freestyle Test of Choice, Shelly Van Den Neste, said that “the Jacksonville Equestrian Center has always been one of my favorite but the outdoor arena is so much better now with the new all-weather footing!”  Van Den Neste rode The Governer SRF to a win with a score of 67.525.  The show included Great American/USDF Regional Qualifying classes, USDF/Dover Adult Amateur Medal Program classes, and a USEF Dressage Level 3 Competition. Now that the show has concluded, the Northeast Florida Dressage Association plans to return to the Jacksonville Equestrian Center in March 31 – April 1, 2018, for the Dressage on the First Coast Spring Show.

In an East meets West scenario the Jacksonville Equestrian Center also hosted the Florida Quarter Horse Association (FQHA) Last Chance show in their beautiful 150’ x 300’ indoor arena.  The event featured two days of competition ranging from trail classes to driving for juniors, amateurs and professionals alike.  This show was the last show of the calendar year to earn points and double points towards the year end awards.

The month will finish up with Community Schooling Day on December 27, which horses and riders are welcomed from 10am – 4pm to ride in the state-of-the-art indoor arena for a fee of $10 per rider ($20 if the rider has more than one horse).

Nearly every event at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center is free to spectators. To find out more about the facility and about upcoming events in December and throughout 2018, please visit www.jaxequestriancenter.com or call (904)-255-4215.

Jacksonville Equestrian Center
Debbie Stegner (904)-255-4215
13611 Normandy Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32221

Rebecca Cohen Continues Winning Streak at Jacksonville Dressage Show

Rebecca Cohen and Downtown continue their winning streak as they count down to the USEF National Championships at Gladstone. (JRPR photo)

Wellington, FL (May 15, 2012) – Dressage rider Rebecca Cohen may be a 16-year-old teen, but she can still find time to enjoy a mother-daughter bonding experience while executing a winning round in the dressage ring. Cohen, who lives in Wellington, recently competed at the Jacksonville Dressage on the First Coast, riding away with the win in the Young Riders Team test on her horse Downtown.

“I am so proud of Rebecca and we had a great time at the show. Rebecca was really poised and in control. We went to the show without a trainer and without a groom and Rebecca took care of everything herself,” said Carol Cohen, Rebecca’s mother. “It was a great mother-daughter bonding experience. We had a ball.”

Cohen is coming off a winning winter show circuit and has her sights set on competing at the NAJYRC in Kentucky this summer. In 2010, Cohen was on the Region 3 Junior Team and helped her team bring home a bronze medal. She won the FEI Junior and Third Level division at Regionals and also earned a spot at the Festival of Champions.

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The Dressage on the First Coast Spring 2011 show program “Thank You” ad from Jerry Rehkopf

Click for larger image

My Northeast Florida Dressage Association (NFDA) club’s Dressage on the First Coast Spring 2011 show is coming up this weekend (April 9-10th) and boy has there been a flurry of work to do to get everything ready for it. Everything else has had to be put on hold, even getting my newsletter out before the end of March. My attempt to get it out the week before that was thwarted by a frustrating technical issue of my ESP not ‘talking’ to my ISP which took me 4 days to finally get resolved.  Hence my March newsletter has become my Spring newsletter or a March/April newsletter.

My wonderful husband offered to do an advertisement for the show program as the EVP of HorsesintheSouth.com. We were trying to decide what he would say in the program ad as I already have an ad for HorsesintheSouth.com in it, so we decided that we would just thank all of our current clients, banner advertisers and affiliates. My graphic designer, Beth Webb, who also did the show program for us on a last minute notice just told me to write up some text and she would make an ad out of it. Well, 3-4 hours later, I came up with this huge text-heavy ad that feels like I am thanking everyone for an academy award or something, it is so long!  I didn’t know where to stop, I am so lucky to have such wonderful clients and advertisers.  And, these are just the current ones!  So I figured this would also be a good editorial so that all of the HorsesintheSouth.com readers and AHorseBlog.com readers will see these accolades instead of it just being confined to a horse show program.

Click on image for larger view.

It reads like this, but the layout that Beth did is gorgeous, as is the show program that she did for the Dressage on the First Coast.

Jerry Rehkopf, husband to Teri Rehkopf the website developer of DressageontheFirstCoast.com and CEO/Owner/Producer of HorsesintheSouth.com and AHorseBlog.com, plus her corporate website SynergyEtc.com, wants to wish the NFDA, Northeast Florida Dressage Association, nfladressage.org, host to the Dressage on the First Coast, USDF/USEF recognized show, and the competitors the best of luck for this show and to thank all of Teri’s clients, current advertisers and website she supports.

The list of her clients in alphabetical order, many of which have been her clients since the early 2000’s, are:

Website Clients:

ASmallCleverness.com – Rubber stamp store for people who love to create with stamps.

EquineSportsTrainer.net – Ashley Davis, Equine Sports Trainer and Performance Consultant.

ALGGraphics.com – Flexo and Screen printer of specialty labels.

DogwoodSportHorses.com – Breeders of excellent bloodline European cross warmblood sport horses for sale; featuring the branded Westfalen, and approved RPSI breeding stallion, Freedom Hall.

DressageontheFirstCoast.com – The website for the twice yearly recognized show; started for the 2005 Region 3 Championships held at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center.

Feedin’ Time – Animal feed & supply store. See the store link on HorsesintheSouth.com/feedintime

FloridaMaritimeLawyers.com – Florida-based law firm which concentrates in trial litigation in the field of admiralty, cruise line and maritime law.

James “Shea” Walsh – HorsesintheSouth.com/sheawalsh; 1988 Olympian represented Ireland. Instruction and clinics locally and abroad.

KDEquine.com – Kathy Daly — Classical Dressage trainer, clinician. USEF “r” Dressage judge; my first website started in 1997. I wanted to give back to Kathy for all of the wonderful training she had and has done for me and my horses. We still get many “phone” training lessons and I used to get “Kitchen Table” lessons when she would stay with me when I lived in Jacksonville and she would get to my place too late for a lesson. One day I am going to write a book for her on these lessons, she is that good at explaining what to do!

PostHillFarm.com – Breeders and sales of show ponies.

Sundance Farm – HorsesintheSouth.com/sundancefarm; Featuring Swedish Warmblood, AWS approved stallion, Synchronicity; Lupe Guarderas, owner, competitor, trainer and Dressage judge.

SuncoastBedding.com – Premium ultra-compressed pine shavings animal bedding.

TripleKBarC.com – Preserving the “Last Chance” naturally-gaited, old-time Albert Dement foundation line of Tennessee Walking Horses. Dement mares for sale to selected breeding homes.

Current Banner Advertisers and Others that we Support:

CanterburyShowPlace.com – Central Florida’s nicest equestrian showplace with an indoor covered and lighted arena, and 3 outdoor rings, 5 show barns, clubhouse and more!

ClassicCompany.com – Show management that we support; production of multiple shows throughout the South.

EquineColicReliefAmerica.com – Amazing product that we have personally used to stop colic.

HorsesintheSouth.Equine.com – Our Classified Ads – co-branded with Equine.com

FlashpointMediaServices.com and FlashPointPhotography.com – Robbie and Greg Meisel who we love and support, specialize in performance and event portrait photography, and press releases for Classic Company, LLC show management.

JaneHeart.com – Gorgeous equestrian and dog lines of jewelry including Secretariat™ and Barbaro™ licensed jewelry.

KAMAnimalServices.com – KAM’s Equine Learning Circle offers FREE webinars every month and we list weekly tips each Monday and support them with a banner link.

MahanFarm.com – 113 acre boarding, show and clinic facility in Tallahassee, FL. Summer camp held in conjunction with Feather Oaks Farm. Brett Barteld, Owner

NagHorseRanch.com – Home of the Nose Shade, formerly called Nag Nose Shade to stop sunburned horses’ muzzles.

NFHJA.com/ North Florida Hunter Jumper Association – We support them, especially during the Jacksonville Winter Series.

Fleet Footing International – Supreme arena footing distributed and used by Canterbury Showplace

RavenwoodFarm.net – Ravenwood Farm Foundation non-profit rescue corporation

SouthernFarrier.com – Brett Barteld; 2nd Generation Farrier; 1990 Oklahoma Horseshoeing School -Certificate Graduate Professional Horseshoeing; Brotherhood of Working Farriers Association Certified; American Farrier’s Association Member

SunHorseTack.com – Fancy and custom-made horse halters and stuff!

USET.org/United States Equestrian Team Foundation – We support them with a non-profit banner advertisement.

YouMightAsWellJump.com – Rob Bowman – amazing artistic photographer

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And, we have too many blog contributors to list here, so please see the Contributor category on AHorseBlog.com as these keep growing every day.

Jerry and Teri also wish to thank Sheila Van Dusen, honorary EVP, for all of the assistance she has provided since our beginnings in 2000, plus Jason Ellerbee, for his assistance as our Associate Editor and analyst, Chris Dunn and Linda Bourdow for their accounting assistance, Rob Bowman for his amazing photography, Charles Bryant for his amazing programming work on our website and blog, and Beth Webb for her amazing graphic design skills and assistance. Without their help, we would not have been able to keep this monster of a website and blog, plus our client sites and advertisers functioning.