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Maïkel Van der Vleuten Wins the Derby

Photo: PSV-Jean Morel.

This year, the riders discovered a brand new course in the Derby Region Pays de la Loire. The triple combination is no longer in front of the grandstand; the mound was to be jumped in the other way compared to previous years, just like the lake that was the second last fence.

First to go into the arena, Constant Van Paesschen (BEL) and Hamlet vd Donkhoeve did very well to start with a clear round and one time penalty point (147.29 seconds).

The German rider Janne-Friederike Meyer-Zimmermann and her mare Chloe did not have any rail down either, but scored two time penalty points (154.32).

The Dutch rider Maikel Van der Vleuten, team world champion, came into the arena with his bay VDL Groep Quatro. The pair flew over the difficulties and signed a faster time of 147.29 seconds. His performance allowed him to clinch victory and write his name on the prestigious record of the Derby Region Pays de la Loire.

Constant Van Paesschen and Hamlet vd Donkhoeve finish 2nd. Janne-Friederike Meyer and Chloe are 3rd.

The best French pair is formed by Mathieu Billot and Saphir des Chayottes. In spite of an excellent time of 135.02, a rail down on the very last fence place them in 4th place.


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