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Summer Camp-in-a-Box Brings Days End Farm Horse Rescue to Kids Everywhere

Over the past eight years, close to 200 children each summer flocked to Days End Farm Horse Rescue to attend our popular day camp. Youth play an integral part in sharing DEFHR’s mission, and our entire staff look forward to several weeks of fun and learning with the campers. When we were forced to close our traditional camp this year, we knew we needed to shift our focus to stay connected virtually with the children. Our management team spent hours discussing scenarios that would allow us to operate while keeping campers safe, but also inspired and committed. We came up with the perfect solution: Camp-in-a-Box.

Each child’s ‘Camp-in-a-Box’ includes hands-on projects, DIY experiments, online videos, and activities revolving around the DEFHR horses. Campers will also find out why caring for the environment is important to us at DEFHR. Each week’s activities center around an environmental theme as part of “WE CARE” (water, erosion, composting, agriculture, recycling, and ecology = WE CARE). WE CARE invites children to discover how caring for the environment also gives back to the horses.

Campers will receive trading cards of their favorite horses, our official camp shirt and bag, a field journal, and a field notes guide, along with other goodies for hands-on learning from home. The first week’s box also includes a “WE CARE Ambassador” certificate and pledge card.

“Whether it’s at the farm or at their home, we want our campers to have an inspiring experience and feel connected to the horses they love,” says Nicky Wetzelberger, DEFHR’s Community Outreach Director. “Camp-in-a-Box was our innovative answer to keeping our campers engaged from a safe distance this summer. This program also allows us to educate youth anywhere in the world, at any time, from the comfort of their home.

“DEFHR knows that the future of equine and animal welfare lies within our youth communities,” adds Wetzelberger. “Any opportunity for us to teach them about the importance of caring for the environment, each other, and animals is something we will continue to pursue and a program we are committed to growing.”

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Days End Farm Horse Rescue: Staying Vigilant

These days, most of us are starting to feel like wearing masks and practicing social distancing are now a part of our daily routines. But for many families, their lives lately have been far from normal. Because of the pandemic, many companies instituted work-from-home policies (our DEFHR office staff included), and sadly, countless people in the U.S. were left unemployed. The financial repercussions from this outbreak have been staggering, and nearly everyone has been affected in some way. But for horse owners and rescue organizations, economic hardships can be especially challenging as they struggle to provide adequate care for the animals in their care.

In our recent article featured on The Plaid Horse website, we shared some of the ways that the fallout from COVID-19 can affect horses — and what you can do to help. One of the most important things is to keep an eye out for animals in trouble.

“There are fewer eyes and ears on things right now,” says DeEtte Hillman, DEFHR’s Equine Programs Director. “Horses, depending on situation and age, can decline rapidly. If you see or witness anything that’s concerning, make the phone call to report it. Don’t wait. Don’t stop watching out for them.”

Though DEFHR is still closed to the public for the time being, we are continuing to work closely with animal control and law enforcement agencies with active equine cases and rescue situations. Now, more than ever, we all need to remain vigilant to help horses in need. Want to learn the best way you can help us right now? Email us at info@defhr.org.

What to Do if You Suspect Neglect or Abuse

In the State of Maryland, suspected cases of abuse or neglect should be reported to the animal control organization or humane society for the county in which the horse is located. In other states, the procedure may be the same or you may have to contact a local law enforcement agency such as the police or sheriff.

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A Brighter Tomorrow at Days End Farm Horse Rescue

Though it has been a challenging few months for all of us, we’re so grateful to our many supporters who continue to help Days End Farm Horse Rescue. During May 5th’s Giving Tuesday Now campaign, we were thrilled to reach our goal of raising $25,000 for the horses. Once again, our amazing community of supporters came together in a time of crisis to show that there is hope for tomorrow. Because of your outpouring of support, you can trust that we are better prepared for the months ahead and will be ready to respond in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Every dollar counts, and we’re incredibly grateful. If you missed that opportunity to donate, please consider making a gift today.

Prepared for Emergencies

Back in March, we closed our facility to the general public and regular volunteers, and the office personnel worked from home. We made this decision to protect the health of our animal care staff, while following the State of Maryland’s guidelines. Because we had protocols in place for such emergency situations, we were able to quickly create a highly functional, efficient system to keep things running smoothly and safely at the farm.

News from the Farm

Our amazing animal care team at DEFHR have gone above and beyond to keep our horses healthy and happy, even under challenging circumstances. Our trainers, Sara Nyman-Strauss and Leigha Schrader, have been sharing weekly video updates in their “Life on the Farm” series giving behind-the-scenes look into the care and training of the horses. Click here to watch this week’s episode. What a talented group we have right now!

Volunteer Program Updates

Currently, our regular volunteer program remains closed as Maryland enters Phase 1 of the slow reopening process. We are using Maryland’s Road Map to Recovery to aid in determining when and how we can safely reopen the volunteer program. We will keep you posted as we make more decisions on this process. Thank you all for your support and understanding. We miss you and can’t wait for the day we welcome you back. Stay healthy, everyone!

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Days End Farm Horse Rescue: Planning for the Future

As Days End Farm Horse Rescue (DEFHR) navigates through our sixth week under strict quarantine restrictions, our staff continues to push through, thanks to our community of supporters. We are so grateful to everyone who has donated or reached out to see how they could help and if we are okay. The horses are all being well taken care of and are oblivious to the crisis unfolding around them.

Because of your support, DEFHR is able to react in the face of emergencies such as COVID-19 and quickly enact policies and procedures to protect the health of our staff and horses. Days End Farm is currently caring for 80 horses, including seven critically ill mares. Your support allows us to prepare for the weeks ahead, with the promise that we will do everything we can to help horses in need. Every horse in this video is currently in our care and every transformation is made possible because of our loyal supporters. Thank you for fighting alongside us. Together we will get through this.

Click here to donate to our COVID-19 Preparedness Fund.

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