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Schroeder and Goutal-Marteau Conquer Valentine’s Day Turf Tour

Christoph Schroeder and Diamant de Revel. Photo property of Equinium Sports Marketing/The Ridge at Wellington.

Wellington, FL (February 17, 2019) – A love for horse sport was in the air during Valentine’s Day week on the Turf Tour. Gorgeous grass fields combined with world-class talent and full divisions of show jumping to once again create a spectacular atmosphere for both horses and riders. Due to inclement weather, Wednesday’s $5,000 1.30m Rising Star Classic was postponed to Thursday, where sunny skies and exceptional footing set the pace for Valentine’s Day on the Turf Tour.

The Valentine’s Day $5,000 1.30m Rising Star Classic saw Brianne Goutal-Marteau and Cylana top the standings, jumping-off to a time of 31.554. As one of the first few riders to take the field, Goutal-Marteau put in the day’s first double clear effort aboard Zernike K with a time of 32.362. Zernike was barely bested by barn mate Cylana for the day’s top prize; both horses are owned by Rose Hill Farm. Daniel Bluman and Euphoria swept to third in 33.249 seconds.

The following day, twenty entries lined up to test their mettle against the day’s headline $15,000 1.40m Turf Tour Grand Prix. Germany’s Christoph Schroeder and Gk Performance Horse’s bay stallion Diamant de Revel ultimately claimed victory with a double clear effort and jump-off time of 38.869. Mario Garcia and Fabries put in a spectacular effort, galloping to a final time of 38.948 and second place, less than a tenth of a second behind Schroeder. Luis F. Larrazabal and Anastasia Blackman’s Warwin rounded out the top three, and the pair was also the first double clear effort of the day.

While the Turf Tour attracts top riders including Olympic Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medalists, it is also a place for young riders, green horses, or newly formed horse and rider combinations to get their bearings and strengthen their talents. Kaylee Croyle and Segrado, in their first ever outing on the grass, won their 1m Jump-off class. Segrado, who is owned by Tammy Rubio, was back in action with Croyle after a few years apart, and, with the help of trainer Amy Foster, enjoyed the Turf Tour’s exceptional atmosphere and footing to rekindle their relationship. “I was so surprised I won as we had a few miscommunications,” said Croyle. “This was my first time ever competing on the grass and it was definitely something I think everyone should experience.” Segrado, who seemed very proud of himself wearing his blue ribbon, was determined to eat Croyle’s sandwich from The Ridge’s complimentary hospitality tent and cut the interview short.

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Christoph Schroeder Wins the $35,000 Devoucoux Grand Prix

Christoph Schroeder and Heliante Ter Wilgren.

Why does Christoph Schroeder of Wellington, Florida love the Charleston Summer Classic? Well, besides winning the Week I $5,000 Horseflight Welcome, he rode away with the win on Marion Head’s Heliante Ter Wilgren in Friday’s $35,000 Devoucoux Grand Prix, coached his student KC Aarem to third and fifth place finishes, grabbed eleventh place with Faith Davis’ Dekadenz, and will be spending Saturday trail riding on the more than 23 miles of beautiful scenic trails at the Equestrian Center while planning a day of beach riding on Sunday with six of his horses!

“We love showing, vacation and our family,” Schroeder said. “We are so glad we came here!” he added.

Twenty-three horse and rider teams tackled the $35,000 Devoucoux Grand Prix last night before a sold out VIP tent, sponsored by Seabrook Equestrian Club and Schroeder rode away with the blue ribbon and big check. Schroeder has been riding Heliante since November last year. “She’s only nine and has the best character in the world,” commented Schroeder. “This was her first win with me,” he said happily.

Classic Company Course Designer and Technical Coordinator, Allen Rheinheimer of Zionsville, Indiana, set a first round course with a time allowed of 84 seconds, which included a combination that saw many in the first round dropping rails. Only six would go clear and advance to the second round.

The time allowed in the jump off round was 41 seconds and had both Schroeder with one and his student, KC Van Aarem, with two in the lineup. “I had to get my horse ready, but I had to help KC too. I didn’t want to slow the class down, so I’d rather take time away from me and my horses and help her,” he added.

KC Van Aarem, of Woodbine, Maryland, in the irons of her won Temple Run, was the first to go in the order and had two rails for a total of eight jump faults in a time of 37.535 seconds.

Gemma Paternoster of Wellington, Florida and her own Demi followed Aarem with a four fault round in a time of 36.335 seconds, which temporarily took the lead. “I was really happy with her performance,” said Paternoster. “She is only eight and has gone two for two in advancing to the jump off rounds for her first Grand Prix,” she said.

MHS Automatic, owned by Cerulean Stables, LLC and ridden by Amanda Forte of Glenmoore, Pennsylvania, followed Paternoster and turned in the first clean jump off round in a time of 31.592 seconds and took the lead from Paternoster.

Michael Kocher of Tryon, North Carolina followed in the order in the irons of Missy Clark’s Baluga; however, two refusals at the first fence of the combination would have them eliminated and finishing in sixth place overall.

Schroeder and Heliante Ter Wilgren followed Kocher and Baluga. “My plan for the jump off with Heliante was I wanted to try a five instead of a six at the first line and a four instead of a five on the last line, and in between, keep the turns tight,” he said. “We’ve been getting to know each other and she is the kind of horse where you need to listen to her more than you need to have her listen to you,” he said, “She knows that if I depend on her, she gives a lot,” he continued. “She can turn well and then she even gets more active,” he said. “When you have a really scopey horse like her, the tighter turns make it more interesting for her and she jumps even better,” he said. “And I guess that’s the trick,” he added. The pair turned in a clear round in a time of 30.254 seconds, taking the lead and setting the new time to beat.

Sitting in the enviable last to go position, Aarem followed Schroeder with her second mount Mastermind. Despite their clear round, their time of 31.654 seconds would not be fast enough to take the lead and the pair would settle into a third place finish.

Finishing in seventh place was Maggie Sjoberg’s Something Gained, ridden by Abbly Sjoberg of Ila, Georgia, with a first round time of 84.933 seconds with one time fault.

Eighth place honors went to the fastest four fault first round, Kasarr, owned and ridden by Erin McGuire of Cornelius, North Carolina, after posting a time of 74.192 seconds.

Mackenzie McGehee of Jacksonville, Florida and her own Fiona Van’t Paradus placed ninth with their four fault first round in a time of 80.246 seconds, and Doug Payne of Aiken, South Carolina rode Courtney Young Alston’s Botanja to tenth place with an eight fault first round in a time of 76.526 seconds.

Schroeder returned for eleventh place with Ruth Davis’ Dekadenz, and Megan Wexler of Reddick, Florida wrapped up the class in twelfth place in the irons of Penny Lane Farm’s Maximus.

“My horses went really well here,” said Schroeder. “We want to keep moving Heliante up and I’m really happy with her progress,” he added.

“We’re thrilled with the attendance this year,” commented Bob Bell, President of Classic Company.  “We have so many new people here showing with us from all over the country enjoying our ‘show-cation’ horse show, the beautiful islands of Kiawah and Seabrook and Charleston, which is Conde Naste’s #1 Destination city in the country,” he said.  “We have all had a blast this week and are looking forward to another week of blue ribbons and beaches!”

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Christoph Schroeder and Catungee Win $5k Horseflight Open Welcome at Charleston Summer Classic

Christoph Schroeder and Catungee.

Christoph Schroeder of Wellington, Florida and his own Catungee won the $5,000 Horseflight Open Welcome, besting a field of 27 horse and rider teams over a course designed by Classic Company’s Course Designer and Technical Coordinator Allen Rheinheimer of Zionsville, Indiana.

Schroeder was a busy man! He rode four horses in the class. “Three of the four that I rode today need the experience and this class was great for them,” he said. Schroeder competed at the Charleston Summer Classic three years ago and decided to return this year. “It’s been a great time for us and we’re glad we came!” he commented.

Rheinheimer’s first round course was very inviting and he set the time allowed at 86 seconds. Schroeder and Catungee were the second to go and the first to turn in back to back clear rounds, setting the new time to beat at 39.790 seconds.

Mastermind, owned and ridden by KC Van Aarem of Woodbine, Maryland, followed Schroeder in the order and turned in a clear first round. While their second round time of 39.288 seconds beat Schroeder’s leading time, four jump faults would find them finishing in ninth place overall.

Maggie Syoberg’s Something Gained, ridden by Abby Syoberg of Ila, Georgia, turned in the next set of double clear rounds, but their time of 45.492 seconds would see them settle in eighth place overall.

Schroeder returned to the arena in the irons of Faith Davis’ Dekadenz. They turned in double clear rounds, but their second round time of 43.065 seconds would see them finish in sixth place overall.

Kasarr, owned and ridden by Erin McGuire of Cornelius, North Carolina, followed in the order with double clear rounds. However, their second round time of 42.692 seconds would see the pair finish in fourth place overall.

Mackenzie McGehee of Jacksonville, Florida and her own Fiona Van’T Paradus also earned double clear rounds; however, their second round time of 45.391 seconds would find them finishing in seventh place overall.

Ann Horrell Glaus of Ocala, Florida and Troy Glaus’ Darling GR followed with clear rounds and a second round time of 42.860 which would finish them in fifth place overall.

Gemma Paternoster of Wellington, Florida and her own Demi followed with double clear rounds. Their second round time of 42.528 seconds finished them in third place overall.

Amanda Forte of Glemoore, PA and Cerulean Stables, LLC’s MHS Automatic had the last double clear round and posted a time of 39.801 seconds for their second round which earned them a second place ribbon behind Schroeder and Catungee.

Schroeder also earned tenth place in the irons of Scott Head’s Carjo Z and twelfth with Marion Head’s Heliante Ter Witgen. Doug Payne of Aiken, South Carolina rode Courtney Young Alston’s Botanja to eleventh place.

“Catungee has more experience than my other horses I rode today and that definitely gave us that winning advantage,” commented Schroeder. “They all went well and I plan on having five in Friday’s Grand Prix,” he added.

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HITS Ocala Winter Circuit Kicks Off with $5k Brook Ledge Welcome and $25k SmartPak Grand Prix

(C) ESI Photography. Lisa Goldman and Morocco.

Ocala, FL (January X, 2016): The HITS Ocala Winter Circuit kicked off in the Sunshine State with the $2,500 Brook Ledge Open Welcome on Wednesday, January 20, and the $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix on Thursday, January 21.

$2,500 Brook Ledge Open Welcome
Lisa Goldman from Hawthorn Woods, Illinois, riding her own Morocco, topped the leader board of the Brook Ledge Open Welcome in the January Classic at HITS Post Time Farm in Ocala, Florida. Goldman also placed third with her mount Rocs to Riches and sixth with her newest mount, Hindsight. Matthias Tromp of North Salem, New York placed second on KM Whatever RV owned by Beyaert Farm, Inc.

Course Designer Manuel Esparza from Mexico City, Mexico set an inviting course of 14 jumping efforts on a forward track for the first round test set at 1.40 meters. The immediate jump-off included some tight rollback turns – 12 of 27 were clear in the first round with five producing double clears.

First to successfully negotiate the first round was owner and rider Billie Derouet of Bromont, Quebec aboard Bonaparte VP Wisbec. She was also clear in the jump-off in a time of 41.415 to take the lead. Next to tackle the jump-off was Goldman and Morocco. The American bred gelding, by Roc USA, sped around the course making all the inside turns look easy in a blazing time of 34.576 to set the Great American Time to Beat.

Two more jumped off without a double clear until Matthias Tromp on KM Whatever RV got close to the lead with a double clear in a time of 36.126, moving into the second place spot.

Goldman returned on Rocs to Riches, also by Roc USA, to produce a double clear in 36.470 for third place. Aaron Vale, of Williston, Florida, and Quidam’s Good Luck, owned by Troy Glaus, followed immediately for the final double clear in a time of 36.489 to take fourth place. Derouet’s double clear time ended up fifth.

Goldman is no stranger to the winner’s circle at HITS Ocala; she and Morocco had multiple Grand Prix wins in 2015.

“Everything feels great this year! I always love Manuel’s’ courses,” said Goldman. “The place looks beautiful and the footing is improved throughout the grounds. Three ribbons in the top six, in the first class – I’m pretty happy with that!”

$25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix
Christoph Schroeder from Andersonville, Tennessee, riding Catungee, co-owned with Derek Petersen, emerged victorious in an exciting six horse jump-off in the $25000 Smartpak Grand Prix during Week I of HITS Ocala Winter Circuit. Lisa Goldman of Hawthorn Woods, Illinois and Mary Goldman’s Centurion B earned second place followed by Amanda Flint from Long Valley, New Jersey and her own VDL Wittinger in third.

Spectators were treated to a thrilling class in Ocala Horse Properties Stadium on Thursday afternoon as 25 competitors tackled Mexico City, Mexico native Manuel Esparza’s 1.5 meter course of 15 jumping efforts.

First to go in the class was Lisa Goldman on her own Rocs to Riches. The chestnut had no trouble with the time allowed and started the class off with a clear round. Two rounds later, Flint, on the first of three mounts for the day, VDL Wittinger, jumped clean within the time allowed to ensure a jump-off.

Six more tried and failed to clear the first round course before Goldman returned on her second horse, Centurion B, and just a few trips later, Flint and her own Superbad went clean as well. Now in a head-to-head battle, Goldman and Flint each had two qualified for the jump-off.

An additional six more attempted with no avail until Schroeder and Catungee. The big-strided grey joined the elite field of those eligible for the jump-off. The class continued until the final rider, Dakota Schramer from Holmes Beach, Florida, navigated No Autographs Please to join the group of six to advance to the second round.

The field was set for the jump-off with Goldman returning first with Rocs to Riches. They sped through the course in 44.815 seconds, but with two rails for eight faults. Next up was Flint on VDL Wittinger, who jumped clean to take the lead in 48.201. The nail-biting back and forth continued as Goldman entered once again but on Centurion B; they took over the lead with a clean round in 45.090.

Now it was Flint’s turn to attempt again with Superbad, but a rail for four faults in a time of 56.289 put them in third place. The blue ribbon, Schroeder, came in next to wow the crowd by turning inside the gazebo in a tight rollback to the combination, saving ground to take over the lead in 44.060. The final rider, Dakota Schramer, fresh off a win in the Welcome Stake at the HITS Holiday Series, came in with a plan; unfortunately, her horse was a bit surprised coming off the first turn and refused, dropping her to sixth place, and sealing the deal for Schroeder and Catungee.

“I’ve brought him along since he was six and this is our first Grand Prix win together; last year we were second seven times,” said an ecstatic Schroeder. “When Derek and I walked the course, the inside turn was right there and it was the only way for us to beat the time without running. [Catungee] always wants to win but we’ve never really put the pedal down; we are saving that for the Million – that’s the plan anyway.”

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