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Help Protect Nevada’s Marietta Wild Burros

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has so mismanaged America’s wild burros that the hardy little animals are currently facing a genetic crisis.

Despite knowing this, BLM does nothing to address the crisis they’ve created. Instead, they continue to round up our wild burros, knowing full well they’re keeping the burro populations so low that the animals are forced to inbreed.

There isn’t a worse example of their utter FAILURE to adhere to best practices and carry out their responsibility to manage “healthy self-sustaining populations.”

Please take a minute to speak up for the Marietta Wild Burros today.

The BLM wants to remove 400 of the 500 burros in this area — 80% of the population! We MUST stop this dangerous, broken cycle of roundups and stockpiling — and that starts with raising our voices to tell BLM we DO NOT support this plan.

The Cloud Foundation

Black Mountain Burros Need Your Voice – NOW

The BLM is pushing a 10-year plan that would destroy America’s last large and genetically-healthy wild burro population. The proposal would roundup 1,250 of the 1,700 burros (nearly 75%) and artificially skew the female-to-male ratio which would likely cause tremendous social disruption.

We are calling on BLM to abandon the proposed massive roundup plan, and instead utilize humane on-the-range management. We’re asking them to create a Black Mountain Burro Range, which would eliminate livestock grazing and protect this cherished burro population and all wildlife for years to come. Please act to protect these beautiful burros NOW!

COVID19: Rewilding Our Relationship with the World

In a rapidly changing world, one thing is for certain. Humanity needs to take a hard look at our relationship to animals and nature. In this article from The CANA Foundation, the link is established between the exploitation of animals in the wet markets of Asia and the callous treatment of our wild horses, though they are not yet slaughter-bound, for private gain.

As an organization dedicated to protecting wildlife on our wild lands, TCF advocates respect for all species. As the article states, “We must REWILD our way of thinking. We have to take a step back and see that the greatest and most important assets that we have are the lands and the animals that call them home. Somewhere in the connection between those two things and us, lies our humanity, and we desperately need to find it again.”

The Cloud Foundation
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Action Alert: Arizona’s Burros Need Your Help

Comments Needed for Cibola-Trigo Environmental Assessment

Jennie & foal, Marietta Wild Burro Range, NV

Dear Wild Horse & Burro Supporters;
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) manages wild burro herds at disastrously low numbers throughout the West. One of the few viable burro herds lives in the immense Cibola-Trigo Herd Management Area (HMA) in southwestern Arizona along the Colorado River — a 600,000 acre area.

Yet, even here, burros are in danger. The inept Sun J roundup crew is set to swoop into their peaceful desert home in early April, the height of the foaling time for burros.* Pregnant jennies are in danger of spontaneous abortion and small foals can be permanently damaged or killed.

350 burros will lose their freedom — roughly half the herd.

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Congressman Honors Cloud!

Adelina as a yearling, 2010 - named in honor of Congressman Grijalva's granddaughter (the filly is the granddaughter of Blue Sioux & Red Raven)

Updated News

Dear Friends of Cloud and the Mustangs;
Our apologies, Congressman Grijalva represents Arizona’s 7th District in the U.S House of Representatives, not New Mexico. Congressman Grijalva has always been a great friend of wild horses and burros, and we sincerely thank him for introducing the House Legislation below which honors Cloud and all wild horses and burros. We encourage you to contact Representative Grijalva, thanking him for his support of all mustangs and burros with legislation that costs the taxpayers nothing, but does much to encourage their protection on our western landscapes.

We strongly urge you to contact your Congressional Representative and urge them to co-sponsor Congressman Grijalva’s Resolution!

Below you will find the legislature, which was submitted to the House of Representatives on May 27, 2011:

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