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Amanda Forte and MHS Automatic Victorious in the $5,000 Horseflight Open Welcome

Amanda Forte and MHS Automatic.

Twenty-eight horse and rider teams tackled the $5,000 Horseflight Open Welcome at the Charleston Summer Classic.

Ten advanced to the second round and only seven turned in double clear rounds over a course designed by Allen Rheinheimer of Zionsville, Indiana, who set the first round time allowed of 81 seconds and second round time of 43 seconds.

Hayley Iannotti of Wellington, Florida, in the irons of Sandalwood’s Vanda Gabbana, was the first to go, turning in a fault free effort in a time of 79.960 seconds. Their second round was also clear and their time of 41.764 seconds set the new time to beat.

Doug Payne of Aiken, South Carolina and Debi Crowley’s Vandiver followed several rounds later and turned in clear first round in a time of 74.167 seconds and bested Vanda Gabbana’s time with their own fault free 38.489 seconds, taking the lead.

Iannotti returned to the jumper ring, this time in the irons of Pumpkin Patch Farm, LLC’s Carlos G. They advanced to the second round after going fault free in their first round in a time of 76.440 seconds. However, eight jump faults in their second round in a time of 40.349 seconds would keep Payne in the lead.

Paul Macrae of Alpharetta, Georgia and Maartin Huygins’ Corini followed with the next clear first round in a time of 77.112 seconds. They also turned in a fault free second round in a time of 38.145 which took the lead and set the new time to beat.

Christoph Schroeder and his own Heliante Ter Wilgen, winners of last week’s $35,000 Devoucoux Grand Prix, followed with the next clear first round in a time of 77.160 seconds. However, their second round in a time of 37.778 seconds with eight jump faults would keep the lead with Macrae and leave them in finishing in ninth place overall.

Payne returned to the arena, this time in the irons of Courtney Young Alston’s Botanja, for a clear first round effort in a time of 75.536 seconds. Although their second round was the fastest thus far in a time of 32.802 seconds, two rails for a total of eight jump faults would have them finish in eighth overall.

Amanda Forte of Glenview, Pennsylvania and Cerulean Stables, LLC’s MHS Automatic, second place finishers in last week’s $35,000 Devoucoux Grand Prix, followed in the order and turned in double clear first and second rounds in times of 76.241 seconds and 34.297 seconds, taking the lead and setting the new time to beat!

Schroeder followed Forte, this time with Nuvolari Holdings, LLC’s Commissario. The pair turned in double clear rounds in times of 77.447 seconds and 37.238 seconds which would keep Forte in the lead and have them finish in fourth place overall.

Missy Clark’s Baluga, ridden by Michael Kocher of Tryon, North Carolina, was the next horse and rider team to turn in double clear rounds in times of 78.004 seconds and 36.796 seconds, which would earn them third place honors overall.

Schroeder and Faith Davis’ Dekadenz was the last to turn in double clear rounds. However, despite their fault free efforts in times of 77.558 and 36.589 seconds, respectively, their time could not beat Forte and MHS Automatic, which would have Schroeder and Dekadenz finish in second place overall, leaving Forte and MHS Automatic victors!

“Automatic went great!” commented Forte. “We showed last winter in Gulfport and then he injured himself in turnout so he’s been on a break,” she said. “He’s just coming back and we’re getting to know each other again,” she added. “He’s very talented and I’m really happy with how he is progressing,” she said.

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Amanda Forte Pilots HHS Louis to First Grand Prix Win

Amanda Forte and HHS Louis.

The Gulf Coast Winter Classic Week II $25,000 Nutrena Grand Prix, presented by Domino’s, took place Sunday afternoon at the Harrison County Fairgrounds. Olympic medalist and Pan American Course Designer, Michel Vaillancort of Tryon, North Carolina, challenged the twenty-three horse and rider teams over a course on the world class grass grand prix field in a time allowed of 82 seconds.

Only four advanced to the jump off round. The first to turn in a clean first round in 75.705 seconds, Matt Cyphert of Northlake, Texas and his own Lochinvar were the first to go in the jump off. The time allowed was 55 seconds and Cyphert sailed through it, fault free, in a time of 49.537 seconds and set the new time to beat.

Fellow Texan Scott Lenkart of Argyle and Fleur De Lis Farms’ Ziezo followed Cyphert in the jump-off order after posting a clean first round in a time of 74.114 seconds. They also went clear in the jump off round in a time of 46.531 seconds, temporarily taking the lead.

Suzanne Suttles of Flower Mound, Texas and her own Better Judgement followed Lenkart and posted a clear second round in a time of 46.862 seconds, moving Lenkart into third place.

Amanda Forte of Glenmoore, Pennsylvania and Cerulean Stables, LLC’s HHS Louis, second place winner in the Week I Foley RV Center Grand Prix, sat in the enviable last to go spot. “The CWD to the triple line and the Horseflight jump by the in-gate was tricky,” commented Forte. “Louie is just over 17.3 hands high and has a huge stride. We spent all last year working on balance and collecting, but his natural tendency is to be very open,” she said. “The double verticals rode really tight and that was the hardest part,” Forte commented. “I thought that was where we would have a problem, but my horse did it great!” she added. And great indeed! They finished clean in a time of 46.365 seconds, winning the class and adding Louie’s first grand prix win to his resume! Lenkart and Ziezo finished in second, Suttles and Better Judgement in third, and Cyphert and Lochinvar received fourth place honors.

Lauren Hester of Lexington, Kentucky and Hester Equestrian LLC’s Lorstakov finished in fifth as the fastest four-faulter in a first round time of 74.196 seconds. Hester also picked up sixth place with Hester Equestrian, LLC’s Arly after posting a four fault first round in a time of 74.396 seconds.

Shannon Hicks of Lake Saint Louis, Missouri and Helen Gilbert’s Emir D finished in seventh overall with a four fault first round in a time of 75.128 seconds. Eighth and ninth place were awarded to Holly Shepherd of Grand Bay, Alabama and Loretta Patterson’s Skymiles and Triompf, respectively, after posting four fault rounds in times of 75.927 seconds and 78.127 seconds. Tenth place went to Sarah Scheiring of Stockton, New Jersey and Molly Ben-Menachem’s Dontez for their four fault round in a time of 78.954 seconds. Eleventh was awarded to Quasi Modo H, owned by Daryl Nolen and ridden by Jennie Nolen, and Francois LaMontagne of Saint Eustache, Quebec, Canada and his own Chanel Du Calvaire wrapped up the class in twelfth place.

“Louie is part of the Quidam Junior line,” said Forte. “We bought Louie in Ireland where he was doing the 1.10m with a kid and have had him for just over a year,” said Forte. “This is his second year here in Gulfport and our fourth year showing here,” said Forte. “We love it here. I think primarily because we love Bob and his shows. But we have young horses and there is no better place than Gulfport to develop them and bring them along. It’s a wonderful opportunity and Gulfport has such a positive atmosphere,” said Forte. “There’s lots of space here, not much stress and a great grand prix field,” she added.

“I love Michel’s [Vaillancort] courses,” said Forte. “They are always really fun to ride,” she added. “I really liked the course he set because it flowed really nicely and the jumps were set pretty solid with lots of tests on the course,” she said. “The field here is really excellent and the weather has been perfect. It is so impressive to see the show management work on that grand prix field every afternoon and it’s been awesome to ride on,” she added.

Cerulean Stables has twelve horses in Gulfport and has had a successful circuit thus far! Forte also rode Rebecca Patterson’s horse Veccia Murano in his first Derby and earned a seventh place in the $10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby Week II. “We’re really excited about doing the big Derby in the field Week V,” commented Forte.

There are still a few stalls available as the Circuit heads into Week III. It’s not too late to experience the best winter circuit in the country! Email your stall requests to jonathan@classiccompany.com and go to horseshowsonline.com to enter for no additional fees.

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