Stray Stallion Saved!

Among the many calls that In Defense of Animals’ Justice for Animals Coalition receives are those requesting aid for stray and abandoned animals. While these cases are often not direct cruelty cases, they can sometimes turn into such a case fairly quickly.

Most communities in the area of Mississippi where we are located have no animal shelter and those that do cannot facilitate the care of large animals, so people have few places to turn to when attempting to aid stray animals. People peeved at the presence of a strange animal on their property can resort to acts of violence to get the animal to leave, or even try to kill the animal. In a recent tragic case, a rescued horse had to be euthanized because she’d been mortally shot.

Earlier this week, we used our experience with stray and abandoned animal law to aid a young stallion who had run loose in a community for over a week. The danger was great because of traffic and potential for abuse. We arranged for the friendly and handsome horse to be taken in and neutered so he could join a pasture of mares and geldings.

After making all the arrangements, we received happy news that someone in the community had decided to give the horse a haven and home, if needed. Cruelty was averted!

If the horse’s guardian comes forward, In Defense of Animals staff will use our years of experience and great discretion to ensure that this horse has adequate facilities and care.

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