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Today, I wanted to provide you with a review of the online equine supply retailer State Line Tack. My first observation was that State Line Tack is a great place to shop for all the right reasons! There is no such thing as getting on this website and shopping for only one product; I ended up with a shopping cart full of items that I didn’t realize I needed. Luckily, their reasonable prices meant that these extra purchases wouldn’t be hard on my wallet!

While I no longer receive a seasonal catalog, I have definitely noticed huge improvements in their web presence and consistently receive great offers via email.  Truthfully, I look forward to seeing the State Line Tack name in my inbox!

One of the first things I noticed was that their website was much better stocked than it had ever been previously. Their website has all of the major product categories and brands covered with a variety of products for every type of rider.  State Line Tack has truly become a one stop shop. I put together a list of just some of the many types of products you can find:

  • Riding Apparel – belts, breeches, chaps, gloves, helmets, and show coats
  • Tack – bits, bridles, girths, saddles, halters, and reins
  • Blankets & Sheets – stable sheets, turnout blankets, dress sheets, and fly sheets
  • Stable Supplies – buckets, stable hardware, mucking supplies, and hay racks
  • Footwear – tall boots, paddock boots, work boots, and Western boots
  • Supplements – joint supplements, digestive supplements, hoof care, and blood builders
  • Brands – Ariat, Tough-1, Weatherbeeta, Devon-Aire, and Weaver Leather

Navigating through the site was simple and straightforward.  Main categories are displayed on both the top and left side of the page.  The categories on the left side are then broken down into subcategories to help you locate exactly what you’re looking for.  For example, the “English Tack” category is broken down into sub categories such as “English Reins” or “English Saddles.” Once you click on a category or subcategory, you have the ability to filter your product results based on price, brand, size, gender, color, what’s on sale, etc.  After all the shopping is done, State Line Take has a quick and easy checkout process.

If I had to include a negative, it would only be that the huge product selection can be a bit overwhelming at first.  There are dozens of categories, subcategories, and brands to choose from, but they are organized in a very logical manner.  Finding a balance between a simple shopping experience and a wide selection can be tricky, and State Line Tack pulls it off as well as can be expected.

State Line Tack provides a wonderful and supportive shopping experience along with an easy-to-use website. They have a reputation for quality equine products and accessories. State Line Tack won me over with their prices, inventory, and customer service. I’m happy I made the decision to shop with State Line Tack and I will do so again in the future.

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