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Star Stable – A Virtual 3D Horse Adventure You Must Experience

February 2, 2015 – One of the goals of gaming today is to provide that alternate experience where the scenery is ideal and the experiences are endless! Today, we are approaching one of the most technologically advanced stages ever and it’s become apparent as games like the visually stunning and entertaining “Star Stable” take us to the next level! So what is it about Star Stable that has fellow gamers taking notice and caught the attention of horse enthusiasts alike in this virtual 3D horse adventure? Let’s take a look.

As the game begins, you’re taken over by beautiful graphics and enchanting music. Gamers know that one of the perks about the virtual world is the ability to make choices and control their alternate surroundings in ways that are easy, accessible and rewarding. Avatar choices and clothing options get you excited about the exploration that you and your horse will encounter. And just in case you thought it didn’t get any better by “suiting up” for yourself, the choices of horse and colors are exceptional as well. Although you should note that you only have access to particular horses as you reach certain levels. There’s also the option to play and chat online with multiple players as you explore the island of Jorvik.

Captivating missions are sure to keep the game interesting as you and your horse try to solve problems like the company on Jorvik Island that’s trying to mine for metals and minerals. The more missions that you and your “maned” friend become successful at, the more money and experience you gain as well. So as your confidence and reputation builds from completing missions in Jorvik, so can your wardrobe and equipment when you use your rewards to purchase them. You only need to continue advancing to the next level to enjoy all that Star Stable has to offer!

You have up to four levels that can be played for free. Then there’s the option to become a Star Rider for a monthly fee or just go all the way since you know the game is only going to get better and pay one time for a Lifetime membership! With constant updates to the game and new adventures being added frequently, one is sure to be lulled into a virtual world filled with the latest fashions in riding gear, unbelievably enchanting forests and ranges to view and exciting experiences that will leave you waiting eagerly for the next virtual journey for you and your four-legged friend.

Ultimately, one of the biggest pluses for this game, alongside the graphics, online chatting with other gamers and great missions to solve, is that it is a game for the ENTIRE family! Parents can relax with calm knowing that this is a game which offers the mental comfort a parent needs when allowing kids to play online.

But don’t take our word for it; visit starstable.com and discover for yourself the countless possibilities and endless treasures that await you and the horse of your dreams!

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