Show Jumping’s Biggest Ever Prize to Be Decided at GCT Rio

24/08/2010 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Over fifty show jumpers including many of the World’s top 30 show jumping riders will be arriving in Rio in the next 48 hours to compete for 620’000 Euro in show prize money and to decide who will head the GCT rankings and carry off the winner’s share of the One Million Euro Bonus. Each rider may count their seven best GCT Grand Prix results toward this end and the top prize is just short of a staggering 317’000 Euro. Currently the leader is Marco Kutscher but he is being pressed by Marcus Ehning and Jos Lansink, any of whom could take the title. Edwina Alexander is currently fourth. This is believed to be the biggest single purse ever awarded in the sport of show jumping and means that if a rider wins both the GCT Rankings title and the GCT Grand Prix of Brazil they could walk away with the best part of half a million Euro. World Number One Kevin Staut will be among the riders trying to prevent the current top three walking away with both prizes. The Bonus breakdown is below and the details of the rider list and show classes can be found on the show’s own site at Other relevant information can be found at

GCT Rankings Prize Breakdown

1st = 316 667 Euro

2nd = 190 000 Euro

3rd = 126 667 Euro

4th = 72 833 Euro

5th = 60 167 Euro

6th = 31667 Euro

7th = 31667 Euro

8th = 15833 Euro

9th = 15833 Euro

10th = 15833 Euro

11th = 15833 Euro

12th = 9500 Euro

13th = 9500 Euro

14th = 9500 Euro

15th = 9500 Euro

16th = 6334 Euro

17th = 6333 Euro

18th = 6333 Euro

By Lulu Kyriacou, GCT Press Agent

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