Seraphim12 Foundation Announces “Hooves on First!” to Be Held at Citi Fields Sept. 10, 2012

Locust Valley, NY – May 23, 2012 – The Seraphim12 Foundation is thrilled to announce that September 10, 2012, Citi Fields will host “Hooves on First!” Board Member and Partner of the New York Mets and Citi Fields, David Katz, has partnered with The Seraphim12 Foundation to raise awareness concerning abuse, neglect and the unnecessary slaughter of horses. This event will bring the community together to make a statement, and promote the alternatives to slaughtering horses. The Seraphim12 Foundation will use their compassionate education as a way to affect change. Katz has generously granted the non-profit organization the opportunity to host the awareness event for thousands.

Children, parents, seniors and all people will have the chance to write letters to the President and Mrs. Barack Obama, exercising their first amendment rights to be heard. They will be able to enjoy the baseball game, as well as enjoy special guests. A press conference will be held that will include animal advocacy groups, politicians and celebrities. Sponsorship opportunities will be available for a select group, as well as have the opportunity to be seen at a venue that can hold up to 42,000 people.

Katz joined Sterling Equities in 1987 and serves as Executive Vice President. As an avid animal lover, Katz has truly connected to the Seraphim12 Foundation’s cause. His own daughter is an equestrian, and through both his and his family’s love of animals, Katz conceptualized an awareness day to help educate both equestrians and non-equestrians about the importance of saving America’s horses.

Citi Fields seats nearly 42,000 fans with every game, and offers numerous amenities and tours on a daily basis. “This opportunity is beyond belief,” Seraphim12 Foundation’s Manda Kalimian described. “David is so in tune with the importance of speaking for the horses who have helped us build this country. Acting as one of their angels, he has allowed us the opportunity to reach out to millions during the baseball season, which is an unbelievable gift.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a guardian angel for our nation’s horses. Join the Seraphim12 Foundation as Citi Fields honors our national treasure with its celebration of the American Horse.

The Seraphim12 Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit dedicated to creating a sympathetic balance between horse and humans through compassion, education and legislation. Through skillfully designed curriculums focusing on education and awareness, the Seraphim12 Foundation will create a shift in the perception revolving around the care and classification of the horse. It is fundamental for Seraphim12 that all horses have a dignified life, retirement and a final resting place and that all people have a greater understanding of what is happening to our horses in today’s world. For more information please visit

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