Secret Documents Reveal Plot to Kill Mustangs

You can see the secret documents to kill and dispose of America’s wild horses and burros reveal the Bureau of Land Management’s (BoLM) plan started in 2008. Is this how you want your tax dollars used?

“Jim says Burns takes them to a pit…” Read more here:

Notice that Pesticide PZP, made from slaughterhouse pig ovaries, is part of their wipe out plan. It sterilizes after multiple use. Their goal is zero population increase which would ruin natural selection and make it impossible for the species to survive climate change.

Members of the public and some organizations have been fooled into supporting Pesticide PZP as the “lesser of two evils”. Follow the money if you want to understand who profits from forcibly drugging wild mares with Pesticide PZP for population control.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is the registrant of Pesticide PZP HSUS called native wild horses and burros “PESTS” on the EPA Pesticide Application. Have they changed the legal definition of wild horses and burros with the EPA application that should be revoked?

Scott Beckstead, who was born and raised on a working cattle ranch and now works for HSUS, reported at the BoLM’s Spring 2016 Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board meeting that HSUS is experimenting on a stronger form of Pesticide PZP. Does “stronger” mean their new form of Pesticide PZP will forcibly sterilize native wild horses and burros with one injection?

Wild horses and burros are underpopulated on public land which is overpopulated by beef cattle and sheep. Ranchers, BoLM and others try to scapegoat wild horses and burros for range damage when the truth is commercial livestock is destroying or already has destroyed the ecosystem.

Please share this petition with everyone you know! Email and snail mail the front page of this petition to your elected officials asking them to intervene to stop the killing, sterilization, PZP, roundups and sales to slaughter. We must stop the Bureau of Land Management’s documented plans to KILL America’s wild horses and burros. Knowledge is power.

For the wild ones,
Anne Novak
Executive Director
Protect Mustangs
PO Box 5661
Berkeley, CA 94705

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