Ron Hevener Animal Stories November 2010

IF ANIMALS COULD TALK … “As the Wild Goose Flies” … Ron Hevener

It was business as usual … Political strategists were advising British Petroleum on how to save face … Republicans were debating the merits of tea … the stock exchange was crashing on Wednesday and rallying by Friday, the same as always, and nobody could decide which movies were worth watching any more.

On TV, America was dancing with the stars, England was judging everybody’s talent and immigration was the subject du jour of national debate as flocks of wild birds and hordes of colorful butterflies flew as they had always flown – free and beautiful on magnetic paths only they could sense, pulling them towards a destiny only they could imagine.

Nobody bothered asking the birds what they thought of migration. What could common birds and butterflies know about pulling up their roots and starting a life all over again some place else? They didn’t have jobs, houses, cars and passports. Butterflies were made for catching in jars, pinning under glass in scientific biology collections and wreaking their revenge by splattering themselves on windshields at high speeds. Birds? Birds were just feather-brains ….

“Did you see that!” a magnificent gander piloting the flock shouted to his followers as they flew into the night.

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