Renee Rains and Samir’ Sandro Win Rock Star Freestyle Award from Cunningham & Cunningham at Gold Coast May Show

Renee Rains and Samir’ Sandro competed in the USDF Freestyle, Fourth Level at the Gold Coast Dressage Association May Show. (Photo courtesy of JRPR)

Wellington, FL (June 12, 2012) – Dressage rider Renee Rains and her Hanoverian gelding Samir’ Sandro showed off their musical style at the Gold Coast Dressage Association May Show, dancing their way to victory in the USDF Freestyle, Fourth Level class. The duo also won the Rock Star Award from Cunningham & Cunningham Livestock, Inc. Sponsored by Cunningham & Cunningham, a livestock insurance company, the Rock Star Award highlights horse and rider combinations that excel in the Musical Freestyle classes. The winners are determined by the pair’s music selection, choreography and overall presentation.

Rains was thrilled to win the Rock Star Award with Samir’ Sandro. “We have been doing this freestyle for about a year and the music really matches his personality,” Rains said. “I took the pattern to a musician, who didn’t know anything about dressage, but he put the music together and I really like it.”

Rains thanked Cunningham & Cunningham for sponsoring the Rock Star Freestyle Award. “I was very pleased with my horse today,” she added. As the winner of the Cunningham & Cunningham Livestock Rock Star Freestyle Award, Rains won a beautifully embroidered cooler and ribbon.

Sara Cunningham, of Cunningham & Cunningham, congratulated Rains on her great freestyle. “We are thrilled to be sponsoring this unique award. It really accents the time and effort each rider puts into their freestyle and I know Renee has to be pleased with her amazing partner and their performance. We really love to support riders and their horses, and we have for over three decades, and we love giving back to the equestrian community.”

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Located in Harriman, New York, Cunningham & Cunningham is a staple in the equestrian community. For more information about Cunningham and Cunningham Livestock, visit their website at

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