Premier Equestrian and the United States Dressage Federation Now Offering “On the Levels” DVD for New Tests

FEI “O” judge Gary Rockwell gives the judge’s perspective, scoring each movement of each test and giving a final score, on the new “On the Levels” DVD series produced by Premier Equestrian and the USDF. (Photo courtesy of Premier Equestrian)

Sandy, UT (May 17, 2011) – Dressage riders seeking to learn and study the 2011 USDF dressage tests can now do so with a new and updated DVD edition of “On the Levels.” Produced by Premier Equestrian, a leading supplier of dressage arenas, horse jumps, arena footing and stable accessories, and the USDF, the new versions of the tests became effective December 1, 2010.

“The DVD includes the USDF Introductory through USEF Fourth Level Test 3. The three hours of test video features elements of both training and judging and allows the viewer to see and hear how each of the newly designed dressage tests should be ridden,” said Heidi Zorn, President of Premier. “And of course being able to watch and learn from the comfort of your own home is great. Or a group of riders can get together in a clinic setting and watch and learn as a group.”

The “On the Levels” DVD features FEI judges Lilo Fore and Gary Rockwell. Fore is a well-known dressage trainer and FEI “I” judge from California and throughout the DVD Fore comments on each ride and gives a trainer’s perspective on how to successfully ride each test. Rockwell, who lives in Florida and is one of only three U.S. FEI “O” judges, gives the judge’s perspective, scoring each movement of each test and giving a final score.

“The combination of expertise from these two judges creates a comprehensive training tool for students and trainers alike and I know dressage riders everywhere will learn so much from this 5th edition DVD,” Zorn said. “Premier also produced the 4th edition ‘On the Levels’ DVD set currently being retired after its four year run.”

The “On the Levels” DVD was designed, shot, and edited by Mark Neihart, co-founder of Premier Equestrian. “We filmed it at Starr Vaughn Equestrian Center in Elk Grove, California, where riders from around the area converged for two days of filming,” Neihart said. Neihart manages Premier’s in-house production studio capable of producing full feature video and audio programs.

Premier was chosen as an official supplier to the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky last year, where they provided the dressage arenas as well as the dressage warm-up arena, driving arena, driving warm-up arena and the flower boxes and dressage letters. Premier also supplied GGT Footing for the dressage arenas at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center during the World Dressage Masters. “We brought GGT Footing to the existing footing in the arenas and blended it to renew them. Adding the GGT Footing gave the arenas an amazing footing surface,” Zorn said. “Premier is very experienced and well known for adding GGT to arenas that already exist. The Masters was an incredibly important show featuring the top international dressage riders in the world and we were pleased to create the ideal arena footing for the competition.”

Premier Equestrian also offers a complete line of horse jumps and horse jumping equipment, including jump standards, gates, walls, jump cups, horse jump poles, sponsor jumps, and cavaletti.

For more information on all Premier Equestrian products, including footing, dressage arenas, jumps and stable accessories, or to order “On the Levels,” visit their website at or call 800-611-6109.

Founded in 1973, the United States Dressage Federation is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to education, the recognition of achievement, and the promotion of dressage.

For more information contact:
Heidi Zorn, Premier Equestrian

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