Peter Leone’s Lionshare Farm Wins Classic Equine Stall and Tack Room Award at 2011 Winter Equestrian Festival

Wellington, FL (January 25, 2011) – Thanks to a “classic” look of green draperies, tiled floors, potted plants and framed photos – as well as a few extras such as snaffle bits holding back the curtains – Peter Leone’s Lionshare Farm took home the Classic Equine Stall and Tack Room Award during the second week of the 2011 FTI Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida. Sponsored by Classic Equine Equipment, a nationally recognized leader in quality horse stall systems and stable accessories, Lionshare won a teak braiding stool from Classic Equine Equipment and Idlewild Furnishing, Classic Equine’s South Florida distributor.

Leone was thrilled to win the Classic Equine Stall and Tack Room Award and said he was proud of his team that helped make it possible. “Our stabling area at WEF is the same location that George Morris had with his famed Hunterdon when they competed in Wellington, so we are very proud to have this spot,” Leone said. “Another interesting thing about our stabling area is that our colors are green, burgundy and yellow and some of our actual equipment is from the original Still Meadows Farm. They owned the Gold Medal Olympic horse, Calypso, ridden by Melanie Smith.”

Lionshare, a full horse show and sale facility, hails from Greenwich, Connecticut, but Leone said they look forward to their time in Florida every year. “The Winter Equestrian Festival is the best competition of the year,” he said. “The best riders from North and South America and Europe come here to compete.”

Leone said they have a full barn of horses and ponies competing at WEF, in divisions ranging from the small pony hunters to international classes. “I have two horses I will be competing in the international classes, Select and Wodan, an eight-year-old stallion that I think is very special. I will be competing Wodan a little later in the circuit,” Leone said.

Adam Busse, owner of Classic Equine Equipment, congratulated Lionshare Farm and the team that put together their stall and tack room area. “As the owner of ‘Classic’ Equine, rest assured I always appreciate and enjoy the beauty of a classic look like Lionshare has at WEF,” Busse said. “I know their owners, riders and parents also appreciate the comfortable, thoughtful and distinctive area that Lionshare has designed. We are strong believers in taking elegance to a whole new level, and Lionshare has done just that.”

Each week throughout the 2011 Winter Equestrian Festival, one farm will be chosen as the winner of the Classic Equine Stall and Tack Room Award. Tack and stabling areas are judged on aesthetics, suitability and safety and each weekly winner is selected by a panel of spotters. The winner receives a teak braiding stool from Classic Equine Equipment and Idlewild Furnishing, Classic Equine’s South Florida distributor.

Classic Equine is well known for being a provider of stall systems and barn accessories that meets the needs of discriminating horse owners. “We’ve earned our reputation as the leading producer of beautiful, innovative, and high-quality stalls and equipment by always putting the horse and rider first in everything we build,” Busse said, adding that their clientele ranges from Phillip Dutton, of the U.S. Equestrian Team, Nick Skelton, of the UK Equestrian Team, Olympic riders David and Karen O’Connor, the Budweiser Clydesdales Breeding Center to the National Park Mounted Police in Washington, DC.

Classic Equine was founded in 1991 with the mission of providing quality products. “In addition to stall systems and barn accessories, we have expanded to include stall mats, eco-friendly flooring, and we proudly offer the Classic Fullstride Treadmill,” Busse said. “Classic Equine offers a unique concept, one which integrates all necessary equine components into a brilliant system. For horse owners who can’t find what they are looking for, Classic Equine Equipment will custom design a dream barn for them.”

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