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Patrice Delaveau and Ornella Mail*HDC Have the Marseillaise Played in the Stadium

Photo: PSV Jean Morel.

Like in 2013, the current world vice champion Patrice Delaveau and his bounding mare Ornella Mail*HDC won the Derby of the Pays de la Loire region. Like in 2013, the French made the public of the Longines International Jumping of La Baule stand and sing along the Marseillaise during the prize giving ceremony.

Fourteen pairs were on the starting list of this Derby of the Pays de la Loire region, among which some have been unfortunate, like the French Olivier Robert, eliminated at the n°2 after two consecutive refusals of Radja de B’Neville.

If nobody managed to sign the perfect course, four pairs had only one rail down: Wout-Jan Van Der Schans (HOL) and Zorro, Martin Fuchs (SWI) with Uzo van Het Hobos Z, Jérôme Guéry (BEL) and Chillipepper and Patrice Delaveau (FRA) with Ornella Mail*HDC. The time made a difference over this 21 fences course designed by Frédéric Cottier. At this game, the French was the fastest with his fantastic mare Ornella Mail HDC.

Patrice Delaveau already clinched victory in 1993 with Orient de Frebourg and signed this year his second victory with Ornella in this mythical class, always greatly appreciated by the public, which one more time came in numbers in La Baule.

After his victory in 2013 in the Derby of the Pays de la Loire region, Patrice Delaveau had won the Grand prix Longines of the city of La Baule with Orient Express*HDC. Will he sign a new double win this year? The answer will come down on Sunday from 1pm onwards.


Rémi Cléro, President of the Longines International Jumping of La Baule :
« Congratulations to Patrice Delaveau for this great win. I wish to thank the president Bruno Retailleau for his support to the Pays de la Loire region. I also wish to thank the public, which vibrates, goes down to the track to discover the course, knows how to keep quiet and explode with joy with the riders. This emotion around the arena is very important. The riders and the course designer feel it, it is essential. »

Patrice Delaveau (FRA), 1st:
« I am very happy to have won this class, because the public of La Baule likes it very much. The Derby is part of the most beautiful classes of the show, but also of a real French circuit. Ornella won in 2013 and 2016, I am really pleased with her. She has already competed three times in the Derby; it is one of her annual objectives. I get her ready by going to the beach in Deauville, or through fractionate training. We need to give our horses a bit more condition, but many of them can do it. A long time ago, when I won in 1993, a third of the horses would complete the course. Today, these classes have evolved like our sport. »

Wout-Jan Van Der Schans (HOL), 2nd:
« It is a great birthday week-end! I had planned to clear; I used to ride in eventing, so I took my time, because Julien Gonin or Julien Epaillard are very fast. »

Jérôme Guéry (BEL), 3rd:
« I am very pleased with my 3rd place, since I ride Chillipepper for the first time. He belongs to my wife. I came into the lake very fast, and it was difficult to avoid a rail down on the next fence. I had plan to sign a clear round, but since I had four points penalty towards the end of the course, it is always more complicated. »

Patrick Caron, sports director of La Baule:
«We have to discuss about the Derbies on a world level, since our sport evolves very quickly. We have to understand that La Baule is the only CSIO5* to propose a Derby in its program. It is not easy; in the future the grass arenas will be very rare, but also searched for. We keep this spectacular class, but we did everything to make it secure and comfortable for the horses, which is crucial for horses who compete à 5* level. »



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