Parelli Rider Dominates the Show Ring Thanks to Natural Horsemanship Skills

Florida rider Leslie Ann Weiler put her eight years of Parelli Natural Horsemanship training to good use in 2010 when she rode her Andalusian mare, Lucea BR, to the US National Grand Champion Andalusian Mare title in the Amateur division. Weiler is a Parelli Level 2 graduate and recommends the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program for riders of all disciplines and levels. (Photo courtesy of Cheri Prill)

Ocala, FL (January 19, 2011) – Florida rider Leslie Ann Weiler put her eight years of Parelli Natural Horsemanship training to good use in 2010 when she showed her Andalusian mare, Lucea BR, to the US National Grand Champion Andalusian Mare Amateur title. Weiler and Lucea didn’t stop there, but dominated the show ring throughout the year to ride away with as the US National Grand Champion Western Amateur, the US National Grand Champion Western Pleasure Vintage Rider, the US National Grand Champion Hunt Seat Pleasure Amateur and the USEF National Reserve Champion Amateur Horse of the Year.

Weiler, who rides with trainer Gareth Selwood in Newberry, Florida, praises Selwood for helping her throughout the show year but also acknowledges she couldn’t have done it without her Parelli background. “My success with Lucea shows what a Parelli rider can do with a solid foundation of natural horsemanship, a great horse and a dedicated trainer,” Weiler said. “For riders who aren’t familiar with Parelli, they will find that natural horsemanship helps the rider and horse develop a great relationship. I think everyone should try it and they will find out that it is addicting to have a relationship with your horse!”

Parelli Natural Horsemanship, Inc., was founded by Pat and Linda Parelli with the goal of helping all horse owners achieve success without force while developing a natural and harmonious relationship with their horse. “Parelli gives riders a necessary foundation from which they can move confidently into the competitive horse show world,” Selwood said, when asked about Weiler’s success and how natural horsemanship affected it. “The Parelli system prepares riders so they can excel in all disciplines. It certainly makes my life as a coach much easier if my students have a good start in natural horsemanship.”

Weiler, who is a Parelli Level 2 Graduate, is married to Mark Weiler, the President of Parelli Natural Horsemanship. “A good foundation is important for any rider, whether they ride western, dressage, hunters or jumpers,” Weiler said. “The Parelli program is a holistic approach to horse training based on developing a natural relationship by understanding your horse’s nature and how your horse views the world.”

Weiler said that Lucea, who she purchased from Selwood, is a nervous mare and that her Parelli training has helped give Lucea confidence. “Parelli teaches the rider how to get your horse to become willing to do whatever you ask, to respect the horse and to reward your horse for the slightest try,” Weiler said. “Because Lucea is a nervous horse, I was able to use so many of my natural horsemanship skills and solve her nervousness problem naturally, without force or punishment.”

Weiler added that she works well with her trainer because he embraces Parelli and the natural horsemanship teachings. “My trainer Gareth is gentle and kind with all of the horses and you can really tell that he loves them,” she said. “While my eight years of Parelli training taught me how to train horses, it also taught me! The reason for that is that Parelli is more about training the humans than the horses. Over the years, Parelli has taught me to use love, language and leadership with Lucea – and it has certainly worked and I couldn’t be happier in the relationship I have with my horse.”

Horsenality, a term Pat Parelli coined to refer to his system of understanding a horse through his or her basic personality type, also played a part in helping Weiler succeed with Lucea. “Parelli really helped me understand Lucea’s personality through Horsenality, which in turn gave me insight into what makes her tick and helped us together to become more balanced, centered and confident,” Weiler said. “The Parelli program really is an excellent tool for any rider. I know everyone from top dressage riders to western pleasure riders who have said it has made a world of difference in their horse. And to top it all off, it’s a really fun program and who doesn’t want to have fun with their horse?”

Weiler added that being part of Parelli Natural Horsemanship has changed her life for the better. “Pat and Linda are such genuine and loving people,” Weiler said. “Their story is remarkable also. They started Parelli by traveling across the country with their horse trailer, horses, and dogs. Now Parelli has onsite horse training courses in four centers, with a worldwide staff of 90 people working on three different continents. Plus, Parelli has an amazing website that can introduce riders of all levels and disciplines to the wonderful world of natural horsemanship.”

Parelli has spent the past 30 years building an organization that teaches people how to train horses through understanding horse behavior and using equine psychology. While well known in recreational horsemanship circles, Parelli is deeply respected by top dressage riders and trainers such as Beatrice Ferrer-Salat and Luis Lucio who employ Parelli methods in their ground training. Parelli’s mission is to share his knowledge and empower riders and trainers so they can not only fix existing problems, but also learn how to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

The Parellis recently took part in the International Dressage Forum in Portugal, where Pat demonstrated natural horsemanship techniques to an international list of respected trainers, riders, judges and breeders at the forum, including Edward Gal, Kyra Kyrkland, Sven Rothenberger and Hans Riegler. Following their Portugal trip, the Parellis returned to their training campus in Ocala, Florida where Linda hosted a seminar on “The Game of Contact” based on dressage principles developed from their on-going relationship with dressage master and former Olympic coach, Walter Zettl.

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