Disaster Tips for Horses

The following items are recommended for inclusion in a disaster kit specifically for horses. Make one kit for each horse in your care.

Food and Water:

* One-week supply of the food or special feed your horse is used to eating. Store in an airtight, waterproof container and rotate every three months to ensure freshness

* One-week supply of water, stored in a cool, dark location. 50-gallon barrels are good for storing water

* If tap water is not suitable for humans to drink during a disaster, it is also not suitable for cats to drink

* Feeding and water buckets

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Chester Weber’s Jamaica Featured in “Beloved Horses in Second Careers” Book to Be Released in September

Jamaica is being featured in a new book called “Beloved Horses in Second Careers” by Sharon Miner. Jamaica was rescued from a slaughterhouse before becoming part of Weber’s award-winning team. (Photo courtesy of BlueCentaur.com)

Ocala, FL (August 30, 2010) – Jamaica, Chester Weber’s award-winning combined driving horse who was rescued from a slaughterhouse in Belgium, captured the nation’s attention when he won the most prestigious horse title in the country and became the USEF Farnam Platform Horse of the Year. Now, Jamaica’s rags to riches story is being told in the book Beloved Horses in Second Careers (Infinity Publishing) which will be released in September.

Written by Sharon Miner, the book focuses on horses who started their career in one discipline and then went on to have rewarding second careers. Jamaica’s “second career” turned out to be an amazing one, as he famously became part of Weber’s record-breaking international Four-In-Hand Combined Driving team. Jamaica, now 19, was a member of seven of Weber’s National Four-In-Hand Combined Driving National Championship teams.

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Michael Jung Is New HSBC FEI World Cup Champion as Germans Dominate Schenefeld

The HSBC FEI World Cup Eventing Champion for 2010 Michael Jung and La Biosthetique Sam. (Photo: Ute Goedecke)

29 August 2010 – Michael Jung was crowned the HSBC FEI World Cup Eventing Champion for 2010 at the last event of the season, Schenefeld (GER), where he emphasised his domination of the series by finishing second, third and fourth behind the winner, Julia Mestern (GER) on FRH Schorsch.

After 12 events in 10 countries and three continents, Jung, who is being hailed as one of the world’s most exciting young riders, emerged supreme as the only rider to have won two events, at Marbach (GER) and Strzegom (POL).

His reaction on learning that he has won US$50,000 of HSBC prize-money was: “This is wonderful for me because as a professional rider I am always thinking about earning money. This will now allow me to relax and prepare my top horse, Sam, for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Kentucky next month.

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Mares and Marcus Rule in Rio

Marcus Ehning. All photos by Lulu Kyriacou

Tonight’s two part class in Rio was a glowing tribute to mares as they filled the top four places in a fourteen horse jump off. The Prix Bradesco was a winning round class so the best 20% went through to the second round against the clock where all of them started on zero. There was another 125’000 in total prize money and this class was open to the national riders as well as the GCT ones so sixty horses were originally in the field.

The second phase later that evening was diminished by one when Ellen Whitaker was taken ill and could not jump off. Phillip Weishaupt started the ball rolling on dark bay Souvenir 29 and the pair set an excellent standard of 40.95. It did not like he had left much room for maneuver either. Billy Twomey on another mare Tinka’s Serenade was first to get past the German combination by just two tenths of a second, and then Roger Yves Bost, next in on his young mare Nifrane de Kreisker, removed a stride coming to the last and clipped a second off the Irishman’s time. This was looking unbeatable but you can never say never when the last to jump is Marcus Ehning. Riding his Sandro Boy sired Sabrina, a daring turn to the second last had the desired effect and his time of 39.63 was enough to give him another win on a mare who has barely been unplaced this season.

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Dressage Radio Episode 66 – Todd Flettrich Plus Dressage for Juniors

Colleen Walker tells us about Dressage for Juniors and Todd Flettrich shares his journey to the World Equestrian Games. Take a listen right here.

Dressage Radio Episode 66 – Show Notes and Links:


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Eventing Radio Episode 93 – Graeme Thom, Canadian Chef d’Equipe

Canadian Chef d’Equipe, Graeme Thom, stops by this week to tell us what it involves to prepare the squad for the World Equestrian Games and shares an insiders view on the horses and riders named for the short list. Take a listen.

Eventing Radio Episode 93 – Show Notes and Links:

  • Show Host: Chris Stafford
  • Co Host: Max Corcoran
  • Photo Credit: Courtesy, Graeme Thom
  • Guest: Graeme Thom – Equine Canada – Canadian Chef d’Equipe
  • News: Canadian Eventing Names Eventing Squad for the 2010 World Equestrian Games
  • News: Support Canadian Eventing
  • News: Malmo WC Qualifier:
    1 Niklas Lindbäck/Mr Pooh (SWE) 47.8 + 1.2 + 0 = 44.0
    2 Simone Deitermann/Free Easy NRW (GER) 38.4 + 16.8 + 0 = 55.2
    3 Katrin Norling/Pandora Emm (SWE) 45.6 + 10 + 0 = 55.6
    4 Andreas Dibowski/FRH Fantasia (GER) 41.2 + 10.4 + 4 = 55.6
    5 Kai Rüder/Saaten-Unions Charlie Weld (GER) 40.2 + 13.6 + 8 = 61.8
    6 Frank Ostholt/La Fair (GER) 53.6 + 9.6 + 0 = 63.2
    7 Kai-Steffen Meier/TSF Karascada M (GER) 54.0 + 12.8 + 0 = 66.8
    8 Clayton Fredericks/Brookleigh (AUS) 45.6 + 18 + 4 = 67.6
    9 Malin Larsson/Piccadilly Z (SWE) 52.0 + 12 + 4 = 68.0 10 Marina Köhncke/Calma Schelly (GER) 47.0 + 21.2 + 0 = 68.2 Full results on www.ridsport.se


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Riders Prepare for Final HSBC Countdown at Schenefeld

26 August 2010 – The HSBC FEI World Cup Eventing for 2010 climaxes at Schenefeld in Germany this weekend (August 27-29) as riders bid to boost their rankings in this valuable US$180,000 series.

The world-beating German squad will be at Schenefeld in their entirety, as it is a compulsory selection trial before they head to the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Kentucky to defend their Eventing team gold medal won at the 2006 Games in Aachen.

Michael Jung (GER), who heads the HSBC FEI World Cup leaderboard with two victories, at Marbach (GER) and Strzegom (POL), is a definite starter, as are compatriots Andreas Dibowski, Kai Rüder and Kai-Steffen Meier, all of whom are in the current top 10 of the rankings, plus Ingrid Klimke, Frank Ostholt, Dirk Schrade, Simone Deitermann and Anna Warnecke.

Six other nations are represented – Belarus, Brazil, Finland, Japan, Spain and Sweden – and riders such as Viachaslau Poita (BLR) and Aliaksandr Faminou (BLR), first and third at Minsk (BLR), have a good chance of enhancing their status in the HSBC rankings.

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GCT Brazil Begins with Wins for Christian and Luis

Luis Francisco Azevedo. Photos by Lulu Kyriacou.

With the anticipation of seeing the biggest prize in show jumping decided on Saturday and 30’000 at stake for the show’s leading rider and groom, there was much at stake as the last round of the 2010 Global Champions Tour began in Rio De Janeiro tonight. The show started in the best way possible for the Brazilian organisers and audience when Luis Francisco Azevedo won the first class by a whisker from Alvaro de Mirando Neto. Riding his chestnut gelding Une A Basta, Luis Francisco snatched the lead from Edwina Alexander and Kisby with a time of 51.51. Next to go was Alvaro and AD Norson has been prominent in GCT speed classes this year but today was not his night.  To screams of encouragement, the pair galloped for the last only for the clock to show 51.68. The Brazilian pair was immediately followed by Denis Lynch and Lacroix but he ended up a second adrift of the winner although 52.66 was good enough for third. Luis Francisco is the youngest son of a famous show jumping family. His father has represented the country at the Olympic Games and his brother Luis Felipe, who went so well in the GCT Grand Prix of Monaco, is also competing here.

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PZP in the Pryors

Bolder & Texas, a ten-year-old mare who has foaled only once, PZP'd again last fall in the roundup

Comments on BLM’s Plan to Extend Infertility Drug Use through 2015 Due by September 16th

Dear Cloud Supporters;

Mark your calendars. Comments regarding a five-year plan to continue the use of Porcine Zona Pellucida (PZP) infertility drugs on Pryor wild horse mares are due on September 16. The initial scoping letter from the Billings BLM was mailed on August 18.

As a result of aggressive infertility applications delivered via shots last fall and dart guns this spring, 52 mares on the mountain are cycling monthly (coming into estrous or heat), being bred, and defended by their band stallions.

Makendra and I were in the Pryors last week for 5 days and I witnessed more societal disruption than I have seen in over 16 years of documenting these horses. Currently, it is a herd in chaos. 60% of the 18 bands we observed have had some kind of disruption. Three band stallions have lost their families all together. Some band stallions have benefitted from the intense competition — like Cloud, who won a new mare. This high degree of disruption has taken place just since our last visit in July.

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Dressage Radio Episode 65 – Tina Konyot and Toni Venhaus

U.S. WEG team member, Tina Konyot, fresh from her winning streak at the Selection Trials and Toni Venhaus from NSW dressage tells us how the sport is developing Down Under. Listen in right here.
Dressage Radio Episode 65 – Show Notes and Links:

  • Co-Hosts: Chris Stafford
  • Photo Credit: SusanJStickle.com
  • Guest: Tina Konyot
  • Guest: Toni Venhaus
  • News: U.S. Names WEG Dressage Short List/Nominated Entry
  • News: New Ride for U.S. Para-Equestrian The United States Equestrian Federation has announced that US Para-Equestrian rider Jennifer Baker has had to withdraw the horse on which she was selected for the Short List/Nominated Entry for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. Duel was withdrawn because of veterinary issues and has been replaced per the USEF Selection Procedures with Kranak. Owned by Akiko Yamazaki (who is a steadfast supporter of the sport of dressage including as the owner of Ravel – Steffen Peters’ superstar and 2009 FEI World Cup Champion) Kranak was made available to Baker without hesitation. The 18-year-old Dutch gelding has been showing successfully at the Grand Prix level with both Yamazaki and Peters’ wife Shannon.

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