Todd Flettrich Earns a Spot on the U.S. Dressage Team for the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games

Todd Flettrich and Otto competing at the Selection Trials for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. Photo © 2010 Susan J. Stickle.

Wellington, FL – August 18, 2010 – Todd Flettrich and his grand prix mount Otto were recently named to the United States Dressage Team that will compete this fall at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG). Following a fantastic two weekends of competition at the Collecting Gaits Farm/USEF Dressage Festival of Champions, Flettrich and Otto finished in second place in the grand prix championships, which were also held as the Team’s final Selection Trials.

Competing at the USET Foundation Headquarters in Gladstone, NJ, Flettrich and Otto placed third in both the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special on the first weekend of competition, held August 7th and 8th. The pair performed consistently, earning an overall 71.404% in the Grand Prix and a 69.917% in the Special.

On the final weekend of competition, Flettrich and Otto stepped up the competition and moved into second place in the overall standings. The duo showed in the Grand Prix on August 13th and scored a 69.787% to finish in second place and then went on to the Freestyle on August 15th to earn an impressive 75.600% for another second place finish.

Otto is a 13-year-old Danish Warmblood gelding owned by Margaret Duprey and Cherry Knoll Farm. Flettrich and Otto have been very successful throughout the year competing in the United States, and recently had the opportunity to gain exposure on the world stage competing at CHIO Aachen in preparation for the Selection Trials.

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Motivation from Moshi no. 20, by Jane Savoie

Horses live in the moment. We really enjoy physical sensations because we are NOW. We don’t think much about the future or the past. We live in the present.

Jane and I are back in Vermont now. The air here is so different from Florida! The smell of the spring storms and the pine trees is much more like my first home in Holland. I love feeling the coolness of the snow in my foot feathers and the crispness of the air in my nostrils. I like Florida, where the grass is always green, but Vermont really feels like home.

Dressage is as mental a challenge as it is physical. Many humans are drawn to it because it exercises the precision-yearning part of the brain as much as the physical senses of the body. I’ve noticed that sometimes people get too caught up in the mental part and forget to enjoy the physical part.

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Germany Shares European Young Riders Team Gold with Great Britain

18 August 2010 – The German Young Rider team has been declared joint-gold medallists with the British team of the 2010 European Young Rider Eventing Championships in Pardubice (CZE). The German team was originally awarded team silver behind the British quartet of Tom McKeown, Emily Parker, Laura Collett and Emily Llewellyn, but a subsequent decimal-point correction to the Dressage scores meant that the two teams remarkably finished on exactly the same score.

The FEI will now provide four additional gold medals for the members of the German team – Sonja Buck, Franziska Roth, Freya Fuellgraebe and Sabine Deparade.

Catrin Norinder, FEI Eventing Director stated: “There was no appeal by the German team. The FEI corrected a very simple mistake that had been made in the rounding off of the decimal points in Dressage which had not been done according to the FEI Rules. We want to be fair to all the athletes and it was agreed that awarding two sets of gold medals was the best solution.”

The individual placings remain unaltered with Emily Parker (GBR) as the individual gold medalist.

Media Contact:

Grania Willis
FEI Director Press Relations
Tel: +41 787 506 142

Edwina Alexander Interview – Rolex Diary

Edwina Alexander is writing a diary for as she prepares for the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG). Here are Edwina’s third and fourth entries.

The last couple of months…

Itot has recovered well from his slight injury and we have both been very busy over the last couple of months on the Global Champions Tour (GCT), and have competed in Cannes (which I won with Itot, and was the only rider with three clear rounds), Monte Carlo, Estoril and Chantilly (I came third and was beaten by two ladies – Laura Kraut (1st) and Pénélope Leprevost (2nd). He really feels back to his normal self which is great and he’s been jumping extremely well.

I went to the Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco where we stayed with some friends and had a spectacular view as the cars came out of the tunnel. It was great to see a fellow Aussie (Mark Webber) win, although it was disappointing that the National Anthem was played a day late and not in Hamburg!

After the GCT round in Turin I went to Wiesbaden where I had a really good show, and on the first day I was second with Socrates (Cevo Socrates), and my young horse, Kisby (8-y-o), was second in the young horses. The following day I won the final of the youngster tour and Socrates was fourth in one of the other classes. Zorro rode in the Grand Prix and he was clear, but he just got a little bit green in the jump off and he had a couple down, which was a shame.

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Isabell Werth Interview – Rolex Diary

Isabell Werth is writing a diary for as she prepares for the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games from 25 September – 10 October. Here is Isabell’s second entry.

Plans beyond the CHIO Aachen and towards Kentucky (WEG)…

I was back in the saddle very quickly after the birth of my son, Frederik, and I’m feeling really well. My plan is to get in the best shape possible before Kentucky, and it’s encouraging that Satchmo and I have become more and more consistent in our performances as the months have gone by.

I was really pleased with how both horses (Satchmo and Hannes) performed at the Grand Prix at CHIO Aachen, and with a score of more than 75% I feel we can be quite satisfied and happy. However, we have higher expectations over the coming weeks and months, and the plan is to sort out the mistakes and concentrate on the finer details of our programme.

Between now and WEG we will go to the German Championships in Münster and following that the nominations will be announced, so I’m hoping that we can find our best form for that performance. We now know that the Dutch riders are very strong and so is Laura Bechtolsheimer, so we will be hoping to finish closer and closer to Laura and Adelinde (Cornelissen). Edward (Gal) seems to be in a league of his own but the other two riders are definitely within our reach.

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USEF Awards Shetland Members with High Point Awards at 2010 Shetland Pony Congress Show

USEF members were awarded USEF Shetland Member High Point Awards by Lori Nelson (far right), Assistant Executive Director of National Associates from the USEF, at the 2010 Shetland Pony Congress Show in Ardmore, OK. (Photo courtesy of Terri Washburn)

Ardmore, OK (August 17, 2010) – United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) members were given special recognition at the Shetland Pony Congress Show, where they not only topped their divisions but were also awarded USEF Shetland Member High Point Awards by the United States Equestrian Federation. Lori Nelson, Assistant Executive Director of the USEF, presented the awards to the winners at the 2010 Shetland Pony Congress Show held this month in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

The winners received special ribbons from the USEF and a gift certificate to the show vendor, Stitches and Ink. The winners included: Denise Johnson, Champion in Adult Roadster High Point Award and Kim Herron, Reserve Champion; Alicia Harris, Champion in Adult Pleasure Driving High Point Award and Cheryl Manahan, Reserve Champion; and Julie Zander, Champion in Overall Youth High Point Award and Macy Plemmons, Reserve Champion.

“The USEF Shetland Member High Point Awards for Shetland Congress were created to provide awareness about the partnership between the Shetland breed and USEF and to thank the members for their support,” said Johnny Robb, Director of Marketing for the American Shetland Pony Club (ASPC). “All of the winners were really excited and we are so pleased that the USEF is committed to our breed and our members.”

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Give Your Rescued Horse a Chance to Shine

“Give a Horse a Chance” (GAHAC) represents a new opportunity for horses traditionally labeled “unwanted” and that have been rescued from the slaughter pipeline. This event will showcase the talent and build the performance ability of these horses that were given a second chance by equine rescue groups and new owners. The 2011 GAHAC is open to horses adopted or purchased between August 30th 2010 and February 1st 2011. Horses may have been adopted or purchased privately from auction houses for $600 or less.

The IPHDA (International Performance Horse Development Association) is organizing the GAHAC competition and will be using their virtual show format. There will be 3 divisions offered: Open, Amateur and Novice.

The exhibitors will be required to perform 2 events. The first will be a PHD test (visit to download the pattern). The second test will feature any equestrian competition for which the horse shows an aptitude: jumping a course, riding a dressage test, running a barrel pattern, negotiating a series of trail obstacles, completing a reining pattern, performing a Natural Horsemanship game, etc.

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National Horse Show Association of America Announces 2010 Dates and Locations for ASPCA Maclay Regionals

New York, NY – August 17, 2010 – The National Horse Show Association of America is pleased to announce the dates and locations for this year’s ASPCA Maclay Regional competitions. The horse shows’ qualifying classes determine which riders will compete in this year’s ASPCA Maclay National Championship, which will be held at the Syracuse Invitational Sporthorse Tournament featuring the 127th National Horse Show on November 3-7, 2010.

The ASPCA Maclay Horsemanship class has been held since 1933, and it is one of the most prestigious competitions for junior riders in the United States. Its winners are some of the biggest names in equestrian sport. Previous winners include: William Steinkraus in 1941, Frank Chapot (1948), George Morris (1952), Leslie Burr Howard (1972), Stacia Klein Madden in 1987, and Nicole Shahinian Simpson in 1992. The 2008 ASPCA Maclay National Championship winner was Jessica Springsteen of Colts Neck, NJ, and in 2009 Zazou Hoffman, of Santa Monica, CA, was named the winner.

Separate entry blanks for the ASPCA Maclay Regionals must be mailed to the National Horse Show. All other classes and stall requests should go directly to the host horse show.

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Don’t Fence Cloud’s Herd In, by Ginger Kathrens

Photos by The Cloud Foundation

The Fight to Save a Legendary Wild Horse Herd

The Custer National Forest awarded a contract on August 6, 2010. It calls for the building of new, bigger, stronger, longer fence to prevent the Pryor Wild Horse Herd from grazing on their mid-summer through fall pastures atop their mountain home. The first question I am always asked is “Why?” To answer honestly, I am not sure what is pushing this kind of expensive and unwanted project. But, to even try to answer the question requires a bit of a history lesson.

The wild horses of the Pryor Mountains, known as the Arrowhead Mountains to the Crow Indians, have been documented as living in this area since the early 1800s. But, they probably have lived here for far longer. The Arrowheads were the sacred heart of Crow Indian country, and the Crow tribe possessed the largest horse herd in the West. The wild horses are likely descended of their treasured war ponies.

It is also likely that they are the descendants of the horses of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The famous explorers had traded for Shoshone and Nez Perce stock and on their return trip from the West Coast in 1806 they put Sgt. Nathaniel Pryor in charge of bringing the horses back to the Missouri River. While camped in the Arrowheads, the Crow Indians stole all the horses. The mountains were subsequently named for the hapless Sergeant.

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FEI President Welcomes “Long Overdue” Congress on NSAIDs

FEI President HRH Princess Haya gives the opening address at the FEI Congress on NSAID Usage and Medication in the Equine Athlete. (Photograph: Patrick Luscher/FEI)

16 August 2010 – FEI President HRH Princess Haya welcomed the FEI initiative to hold a Congress on Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAID) Usage and Medication in the Equine Athlete, declaring it as long overdue and the first real opportunity to bring together all the new science on NSAIDs since the FEI’s 1993 ban on their use in competition.

“Knowledge and an understanding of all aspects in the debate on NSAIDs is key to an informed decision,” the FEI President stated in her opening address. “What we all most want from this Congress above all else is to give us, the FEI family, the tools and the confidence to have the wisdom to do what we all so clearly have shown we want to do – that is what is right for our partner, the horse,” she said, emphasising the universal message of the Congress and the paramount principle of the sport, the welfare of the horse.

The President was speaking at the first day of the Congress, which is being held in the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland. During today’s three sessions, 12 leading research experts outlined the current state of knowledge on NSAIDs to over 200 Congress participants representing 29 nationalities.

Congress participants heard that there is a substantial amount of new scientific evidence on the nature of NSAIDs, including improved ways of detecting them, their effect on the body and their side effects, as well as the effect of low levels of intake and combining different NSAIDs.

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