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Newsletters is an online equestrian news magazine and premier equine directory offering horse related online, banner and email advertising. We have a comprehensive free calendar of horse shows/competitions, events, clinics and education. We are “Your Southern Source for Everything Horse!”.

We always have great sales, specials and package deals! We feature news about horse shows and events, equestrian and horse related articles, including equine business press releases. We are big supporters of horse protection, rescues and health care for horses; comprehensive disaster support sections for horses.

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Teri Rehkopf

Teri Rehkopf, CEO/Owner of

We aren’t sending our newsletters out as often as we used to as much of the information you would be getting can come from our blog’s new Feedburner RSS email subscription feed (see the RSS box at the top right of the blog – just enter your email address – easy!). We get so many press releases and articles in every day that it is hard to keep up with all of the important things you may be interested in, and the Feedburner feed will send out an email at the end of the day with all of our blog posts summarized in it. This is Web 2.0 at it’s greatest!

But, we are changing the newsletter frequency with the new MailChimp email newslewtter provider we are implementing. It is much more robust than our old email newsletter provider as it allows for more advanced HTML features. We have changed the signup links on our site and moved the subscriptions into Mailchimp so expect to see more newsletters coming from us soon.

Using the Social Networking icons on each article and blog post, we submit the articles and blog posts to Teri’s Facebook account at and to 3 of our Twitter accounts at (main account),, so, if you are on Facebook and/or Twitter and you aren’t already a ‘friend’ or follower’, be sure you find us so we can friend/follow you back!

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