New Fiscal Year, Same Disaster Plan for Wild Herds

Cloud’s Palomino daughter Encore and her son, Tor. ©TheCloudFoundation.

For the BLM, it’s a new fiscal year with renewed funding. But it’s the same disaster plan to decimate our wild horse and burro herds using massive roundups and inhumane sterilization procedures.

TCF needs your help today. We have a long and difficult road ahead.

Here are the facts. This year we MUST:

  • STOP the zeroing out of multiple Wyoming HMAs
  • STOP the creation of single-sex, non-reproducing herds
  • STOP BLM from killing the “Wild” in our wild horses through the barbaric sterilization of wild mares and stallions
  • WIN our legal battle to stop the zeroing out of 6 HMAs in the Caliente Complex of Nevada
  • CONVINCE Congress to protect natural, wild behaviors
  • STOP the devastation (removal of nearly half) of Cloud’s herd in the Pryor Wild Horse Range

We must accomplish all of this and more to protect and preserve the future of our wild herds. And we’re up against the massive machinery of the American government.

We cannot do this without you. Please, if you’re able, support our crucial work with a donation today. Help us ensure that foals like Cloud’s grandson, Uno, get to live their entire lives wild and free.

The Cloud Foundation
107 South 7th St
Colorado Springs, CO 80905

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