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Motivation from Moshi, by Jane Savoie

By on June 7, 2017

I got mad this morning. I mean, I was really angry. My neighbor tried to steal my breakfast, a big fat fly bit me hard on the rump, and it started getting hot really early. I was so irritated I wanted to reach out and bite someone. HARD.

Have you ever had a day like that? Why is it that we sometimes want to hurt others when we’re hurting?

It’s a natural thing. We act this way when we’re looking for a way to release the uncomfortable pent up energy we have in our bodies. Dumping it on someone else works a little, but it’s not the best way to release your negative feelings. Plus, it causes problems for someone else. That’s just not fair.

So, what can you do instead? Well, if you’re a horse, you RUN. You spend that energy running as fast as you can. Throw in a few bucks and kicks too! Of course you need some turnout to do that, so hopefully you’re either in a pasture or your person turns you out where you can stretch your legs freely for a few minutes each day.

If you’re a person, get up and MOVE. Take a long walk and add in a few fast sprints now and then. If you’re in an office, find a reason to visit the farthest part of the building. Or take a break and walk with energy and purpose outdoors. Figure out a way to just MOVE!

We all need exercise, but we need it as much for our minds as our bodies.

Can you come out to the barn? We can move and release our pent up energy together!

Love, Moshi

From Indy:

I got a sharp thorn in my paw this morning. It hurt. A lot! I tried to pull it out with my teeth, but it was broken off at the skin and I couldn’t get hold of it. OUCH!

I’m so grateful that Rhett has thumbs. He had no trouble pulling the thorn out of my foot. He’s my hero! I licked his hand, and would have licked his face, if he’d have let me. He understood that I was thanking him for helping me, and I noticed that it made him smile.

Who in your life has helped you? Do you make a point of letting them know you appreciate them? Do you tell them how much of a difference they’ve made in your life? It’s so important that you do. It’s another way we share positive energy with those around us.

Moshi and I have received some wonderful e-mail from folks on Jane’s list, thanking us for sharing our motivational thoughts and ideas. It makes us feel good inside to know that Jane’s friends like to hear from us.

So, from both Moshi and me, THANK YOU for your kind words and wonderful feedback! We really appreciate it that so many of you take the time to write and let us know that you enjoy receiving our musings. Your positive energy inspires us to write more!

Now, let’s go chase a rabbit before it gets too hot!

Love, Indy

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