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Motivation from Moshi, by Jane Savoie

Charley and I used to hang out a lot together.

Then one day, Jane told me it was important to surround myself with positive influences.

As you can see from his picture, Charley is a “the water bucket is half empty” kind of guy. He’s negative about EVERYTHING!

He’s what Jane calls a “stinkin’ thinker”. So as hard as it was to do and as much as I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, I stopped hanging around with Charley.

I’ve learned that negative thinking is very contagious, and I don’t want to be infected!

Is there someone in your life who is dragging you down? You might have to make some tough choices about them.

But I’m here to support you!

Love, Moshi

From Indy:

I just love going to the barn to see Moshi. Some of my friends like going to the barn too.

I have one friend who is scared of horses. He thinks they are too big. My friends got together and decided to help him get over his fear by being supportive of even his smallest step toward a horse. We wanted to let him know that we are there for him.

Eventually he found himself standing right by Moshi and having a wonderful time! With us at his side, he forgot to be afraid!

Having good, caring friends around can be a big help when you are trying something new, or working to overcoming a challenge.

Do you have friends like that? Are you a friend like that?

Let’s go to the barn! Moshi is waiting for us!

Love, Indy

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