Motivation from Moshi, by Jane Savoie

I’ve been dreaming of Vermont. Lots of trees, cool nights and warm days. Big fields for Indy and me to explore, and new videos to make with Jane and Rhett. I love Vermont. We’ll be heading that way soon.

I’m going to miss my friends here in Florida, but I know I’ll be back and so will they. Next fall, we’ll have new stories to share, and new goals to achieve. In the meantime, we’ll concentrate on the work at hand and know that all is well.

Change is not easy for most people and most horses. We all like predictability and security. But with change comes the opportunity for growth. When change happens, it forces us to flex our mental muscles and learn to adapt. It is a GOOD thing, even when it’s a bit uncomfortable.

Do you have changes happening in your life right now that are uncomfortable? Many of us do. But you can learn to deal with it by looking for all the good things that are a result of those changes. It takes some mental focus, but you can do it!

What’s the best thing about the changes happening in your life, right now? Mine is finding new spring grass to eat! YUM!

Love, Moshi

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