Motivation from Moshi 103, by Jane Savoie

I don’t remember my Mom. Do you? Some of you talk to your mom all the time and others never do. Few of us horses still have contact with our mothers. In the wild it’s usually just the fillies who stay in the same herd with their moms. The boys usually move out to a bachelor herd until we find (or steal) a band of girls of our own.

Spring brings talk of Mother’s Day around the barn. Indy and I are Jane’s “kids” so we get to acknowledge her on Mother’s Day by being extra well behaved. I’m not sure she noticed last year. Does that mean we’re well behaved all the time?

If you’re lucky enough to still have your mom around, remember to acknowledge her on Mother’s Day! It will mean a lot to her. And it will do your own heart good to reconnect.

And if you’re a mom, Happy Mother’s Day from Indy and Moshi!

“When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses.” ~Joyce Brothers

Love, Moshi

From Indy:

When I was a pup, I told my Mom that I wanted to be a horse. They look like they’re having so much fun in that big arena in front of all those people! I like how the crowd claps when the horse and rider are finished with their test. I want people to clap for me!

My mom was very wise. She told me the way to be truly happy is to be the best ME I can be! Just be myself and know that doing my best is enough. People may clap for me, or they may not. But if I can be the best Indy I can be, that’s enough.

Sometimes I get jealous of Jane and Moshi. I want to carry Jane on my back, too! I know I can’t, but it doesn’t stop the desire. I’ve had to learn to accept the things I cannot change and learn to find ways to enjoy the things I can do. Like catch a ball! I’m the BEST at catching tennis balls! I’m a lot better at playing catch than Moshi!

Are you the best you can be? Are you your true self or are you trying to fit into someone else’s idea of what you should be? That’s a harder question than it seems at first. We’re all conditioned to try to fit in, and sometimes we lose our true selves in the process.

Have you lost yourself? Maybe I can help! I’m great at finding things. Oh… here you are! You’re right here in my heart. Let me show you!

Love, Indy

Jane Savoie
1174 Hill St ext.
Berlin, VT 05602

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