Master Ehning and His Prêt à Tout in Superb Form in Grimaud

© Ljuba Buzzola for HUBSIDE JUMPING.

For this second nighttime event, the public of the HUBSIDE JUMPING in Grimaud was spoiled, with the victory, in the race over 150 of the CSI 4*, of the German Marcus Ehning, on his seventeen-year-old gelding, Prêt à Tout. In a jump-off which counted twelve qualified among the best riders in the world, the master is ahead of another exceptional couple, the French Simon Delestre on Hermès Ryan, and the Swede Peder Fredricson on H&M Christian K.

“I have to admit that it was a superb event to ride. The jump-off was really perfect. My horse, Prêt à Tout, is now seventeen years old; he is undoubtedly one of the most experienced horses in the world; he has a crazy intelligence and is very, very fast. You could say that he made it very easy for me. You can’t imagine how happy I am to see him still jumping at this age, in such a state of freshness. I’m on the HUBSIDE JUMPING for two weeks. Tomorrow he won’t be skipping the Grand Prix; however, I plan to run him in the CSI 5 * Grand Prix next week. He won’t do a lot of racing. ‘trials by then: he is the age we know him; it is hot here; it must be preserved. But I am so happy, not only for the victory, but also and above all for Prêt à Tout. The feeling in the saddle was wonderful and I am particularly proud of this horse, of his motivation, of his desire. Keep doing well. Tomorrow, it will be A La Carte who will participate in the CSI 4* Grand Prix. He’s twelve; we haven’t been together that long, but I believe in his potential. Every lap is good to take in terms of experience. I continue to learn from each test, and the same is true for the horses!”

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