Mason Phelps of Phelps Media Group and Appointed to President’s Circle of the Wellington Chamber of Commerce

The Wellington Chamber of Commerce is honored to appoint Mr. Mason Phelps to our exclusive President’s Circle membership.  The Wellington Chamber of Commerce’s exclusive President’s Circle is a unique and exciting opportunity extended to established leaders of our community, local businesses and entrepreneurs.

A rider, trainer, event manager, governance leader and charity organizer, Mason Phelps Jr. has spent four decades helping to shape the equestrian industry. With the founding of Phelps Media Group Inc. in 2004, Phelps carved a niche into the world of public relations – equestrian promotions by people who understand the sport, the industry and the lifestyle.

As founder of Phelps Media Group Inc. International, Mason Phelps has been innovative in promoting not only his clients but also the equestrian sport industry in general. PMG Inc. represents clients, including horse shows, farms and athletes throughout the country, and keeps a presence nationwide. Staff work from venues in California, New York, Kentucky and Texas as well as the headquarters in Wellington. With the creation of, a subscription-based website, the equestrian world was given an exclusive “channel” for access and promotion.

With a 30,000-name database of equestrian contacts, farm owners, sponsors and media professionals, Phelps’ access to key stakeholders, equestrian industry leaders and potential patrons is unmatched. In 2008, Phelps facilitated the entry of a new equestrian unit into the Rose Bowl Parade – something that hadn’t happened in nearly a century. The new unit was the United State Olympic Equestrian Team. Through a lifetime of involvement at multiple levels, key industry leaders are not just contacts. They are often close personal friends

“It is an honor and privilege to announce Mason Phelps as a Present Circle Member of the Chamber,” said Chamber Executive Director, Michela Perillo-Green.  “Mason’s leadership on the board of directors and as co-chair of the Chamber Equestrian Committee has allowed us to celebrate many successes and undoubtedly with Mason in this new role we will exceed all expectations.”  For more information on the President’s Circle or the Wellington Chamber of Commerce please call 561-792-6525.

Michela Perillo-Green
Executive Director
Wellington Chamber of Commerce

Media Contact: Mason Phelps
Phelps Media Group, Inc. International
phone 561.753.3389  fax 561.753.3386

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