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We have been using Fly Predators from Spaulding Labs for a few years and they are amazing to help keep flies away from my barn.  If I ride my horse down the road or to a neighbor’s who has a lot of horses and I forget to apply fly spray on my horse, flies will immediately congregate around her, whereby my mare will toss her head and stomp her feet if we are standing still and a lot of tail swishing. So, we are firm believers in the Fly Predators keeping the fly population at bay. The best way to control pest flies is to eliminate them before they ever emerge. By simply sprinkling a small bag of Fly Predators on your manure areas just as the weather turns warm you can prevent flies from ever becoming a nuisance. Watch these videos on how to use and how they work.

This really helps to save on the purchase of expensive fly sprays and the constant use which I think can be detrimental to people and animals in the long term.  I do combine this with a feed-through fly deterrent – Bug Check – from Natural Pet Vet so I have the maximum coverage. I live in north central Florida and flies start here in late February through December, i.e., nearly the whole year especially if we have a warm winter. If you don’t have Fly Predators, get them!

Spalding Labs - Fly Control

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