La Dolfina Win Hurlingham Open Final

Pablo MacDonough, La Dolfina, winners of the 2012 Hurlingham Open Final in Argentina

La Dolfina beat Ellerstina in the 2012 Final of Hurlingham Open in Palermo, Buenos Aires, on Sunday 11 November to retain their title from 2011.

La Dolfina started strongly scoring twice in the opening play holding Ellerstina to a single goal, 2-1. In the second chukka La Dolfina started to take control of the game scoring four unanswered goals. After two chukkas La Dolfina had stretched their lead to four goals, 5-1. The third period of play was better for Ellerstina with their attack starting to cause problems for La Dolfina, outscoring La Dolfina 3-2. By the end of the third chukka Ellerstina had managed to cut the lead to three goals, 7-4.

Ellerstina started to come back at the opposition, cutting into the La Dolfina lead by adding two more goals and limiting the La Dolfina attack to just a single goal. At the end of the first half La Dolfina held the lead, 8-6. Going into the fifth chukka, La Dolfina got its teamwork going again scoring two goals while holding Ellerstina to a single goal. The La Dolfina lead was stretched to three goals again, 10-7. Ellerstina fell behind four goals in the sixth as La Dolfina added two more goals to their total after some excellent play. Ellerstina managed to add a single goal, but were being held, 12-8.

Four more goals from La Dolfina in the seventh chukka had Ellerstina trailing by seven goals and effectively sealed the game. With just one goal from Ellerstina they were 16-9 down with only one chukka to play. Ellerstina battled bravely throughout the final chukka, scoring twice, but two further goals from La Dolfina kept them on top of the Final winning 18-11.

Adolfo Cambiaso and his La Dolfina teammates (Pelon Stirling, Pablo MacDonough and Juan Martin Nero) were worthy winners beating Ellerstina (Facundo Pieres, Gonzalito Pieres, Mariano Aguerre and Nico Pieres). The win also levelled the honours for La Dolfina’s earlier loss to Ellerstina in the Finals of the Tortugas Open. The one win each for Ellerstina and La Dolfina means that there will be no Triple Crown Winner in 2012.

Argentine Open

The third and final leg of the Argentine Triple Crown of Polo begins this weekend – The 119th Argentine Open – starting on Saturday 17th November, with the Final due on Saturday 8th December 2012.


The dates and details of the three tournaments that make up the Triple Crown 2012 are as follows:

Tournament: Tortugas Open, Argentina
Place: Tortuguitas
Club: Tortugas CC
Date: September 25 – October 13, 2012

Tournament: Hurlingham Open, Argentina
Place: Hurlingham
Club: Hurlingham Club
Date: October 16 – November 4, 2012

Tournament: 119th Argentine Open, Argentina
Place: Palermo
Club: Palermo
Date: November 17 – December 8, 2012

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Rolex’s association with Polo began over 40 years ago, forming a partnership based on a shared appreciation of excellence. Success on the polo field is achieved only by those who, during the intensity of the match, deliver results with precision and seamless control, moving with a grace and elegance comparable to the intricate craftsmanship of a Rolex timepiece.

Such skill is evident in Rolex Testimonee Gonzalo Pieres Jr, one of today’s most accomplished and proficient polo players. The holder of a 10 goal handicap on three continents, Gonzalo Pieres Jr is synonymous with the world of professional polo, seen by many as the one of the greatest players of his generation. He made his debut on the professional circuit in 1999 at the Argentine Open – the world’s most important polo tournament – competing ever since at many of polo’s most celebrated events. Aged 29, Pieres Jr has already won the game’s most prestigious title, the Argentine Polo Open Championship, twice, in 2008 and again in 2010.

In the same year, with his team Ellerstina, Pieres Jr won all three tournaments in the Argentine Triple Crown – the Hurlingham Country Club Open Championship, the Tortugas Country Club Open Championship and the Argentine Polo Open Championship. This was Pieres Jr’s first Triple Crown, but Ellerstina’s second, having accomplished this feat in 1994, with the help of Pieres Jr’s father, Gonzalo Pieres Sr.

Rolex’s affiliation with polo extends beyond its finest Testimonees as the official sponsor of four of the most prestigious events on the international polo calendar: the Buenos Aires Jockey Club Open Championship (since 2005), the Tortugas Country Club Open Championship (since 2000), the Hurlingham Club Open Championship (since 1979) and the renowned Argentine Polo Open Championship (since 1979).

Held in Argentina, a nation passionate about polo, each of these championships attracts the world’s best players, whose ability to master the delicate balance between horse and rider is unrivalled. These four events are among the oldest tournaments in the sport, dating back to 1890 with the Hurlingham Club’s first match and 1893 with the start of the Argentine Polo Open Championship.

In 2011, Rolex consolidated its affiliation with polo by becoming the Official Timekeeper of the Asociación Argentina de Polo (AAP), the sport’s governing body, and its playing field in Pilar, a province just north of Buenos Aires.

Rolex’s decision to associate itself with the governing body of the disciplines it sponsors reflects its commitment to the continued progression of each sport. The AAP is dedicated to promoting polo while remaining true to the noble spirit and tradition inherent to the game.

Rolex‘s sponsorship of today’s most impressive polo events reflects the brand’s long-standing and continued commitment to excellence in horsemanship.

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