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Kevin Staut Travels to Cambodia as JustWorld International Ambassador

Jessica Newman (left) and Kevin Staut prepare for an interview with Equidia.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia – “I am going to take a break,” Kevin Staut announced at the end of September, “…and I am staying away from show jumping arenas this fall.” Truth be told, his ‘break’ is only relative to show jumping. The French rider flew to Phnom Penh, Cambodia on October 4 where he will visit two schools (Stung Mean Chey and Borey Keila) supported by JustWorld International, an organization for which he has been a Rider Ambassador since 2007. This trip also coincides with the launch of JustWorld’s new Give 4 Good Campaign for which the rider has become the representative of the “Education in Cambodia” cause.

“This four-day trip has been scheduled for a long time and is in direct line with Staut’s long-term involvement with JustWorld International,” a supporter reaffirmed last spring.

“As an Ambassador for JustWorld International, I now feel ready to do more than just donate a percentage of the prize-money I’ve won in competition,” said Staut.

In Phnom Penh, Staut will meet children at two schools that welcome roughly 830 pupils and their families in a place located not far from a slum. The rider will interact with the school children, participate in their classes, and share his experiences as a sportsman. He will also meet the volunteers who work at this project on a daily basis and interact with them, but above all, learn from them.

Equidia TV will accompany Kevin and the JustWorld International team to visit the project in Cambodia and help raise awareness in the equestrian community. Kevin explains, “Equidia is the ideal media partner to make people aware of the organization and its activities.” Equidia will film Staut during his visit in Phnom Penh and broadcast the report on Equidia Life this fall.

Photo By: Agence R&B Presse/Pascal Renauldon
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Photo By: Agence R&B Presse/Pascal Renauldon

For the 2009 European Champion this trip will be emotional as his sister, Jade, will accompany him to visit the project. “Jade was adopted when she was 6 months old. She was born in Phnom Penh, but she has never been back there since she first arrived in France. I am very much looking forward to experiencing this trip with her,” said Staut.

For JustWorld International, Staut’s visit to the project in Cambodia is yet another display of his involvement with the cause and of his invaluable support. Jessica Newman, Founder and Executive Director of JustWorld International, explains that “Kevin’s further involvement and his visit to the project in Cambodia brings his support to a new level. Equidia will provide us with an exceptional means to raising awareness in the equestrian community. This visit and the report showcased on Equidia Life will contribute to increased awareness for JustWorld’s efforts and teach viewers about the reality of the living conditions for hundreds of children in Cambodia.”

Kevin Staut is to arrive in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on the evening of Saturday, October 5 and stay through Tuesday, October 8.

For more information: www.espace-kevinstaut.com.

Feel free to contact us for any additional information and for an interview with Kevin Staut.

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