“Keuring 101” Webinar a Success

North American Department – KWPN (July 2011) – The idea for this unique event began in the autumn of 2010, following an analysis of the North American- KWPN keurings in general and the education seminars for our members specifically.  “How to reach more people with a minimum of expense for them and for us?” was the question kicked around by the seminar presenters and the Board of Directors.  “Everyone is always looking for more information, but the ‘How to get it to them?’” had been an ongoing dilemma.

Enter technology, our computers and a KWPN-NA Education Committee.  The first topic was easily selected with the keuring deadlines looming. A quick visit to the lists of questions the office receives gave an instant outline for content.  ‘Do I need to braid a foal?’ ‘How do I ride the IBOP test?’ ‘What is the Jury looking for in a jumper foal?’  ‘How is the DG Bar Cup (dressage horses) ridden?’  ‘How is a jumper scored in the Iron Spring Farm Cup?’ These provided a sampling of topics attendees wished to visit.

Registration for this unique event filled to the maximum capacity of one hundred in just a week – with a waiting-list beyond that.  The Board of Directors, Member’s Committee, and Keuring Hosts were each given a test-run for timing, questions, and familiarization with the software program.  For the real deal on June 28th, there were some technical glitches plus still more unanswered questions and requests for another go from those who couldn’t make it.  A re-run was quickly scheduled for July 6th, to include a longer session with interactive questions taking place.  The initial webinar stayed within its one-hour commitment, where the looser format ran almost 2 hours.

Attendees signed in from coast to coast and border to border of the USA and Canada.  Over 50% were non-members and had not been to a keuring; providing an opportunity for us to meet and welcome new keuring entrants, spectators, members and breeders.

Topics for future webinars are welcomed by the Education Committee at: kwpnna.webinar@gmail.com.


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