Jane Springer Wins the Piaffe Performance Adult Amateur High Performance Award at GDF

Wellington, FL (February 14, 2013) – Dr. Cesar Parra and his Piaffe-Performance Farm recognized Jane Springer as the recipient of the Piaffe-Performance Adult Amateur High Performance Award for her Florida debut in Grand Prix during the 2013 Global Dressage Festival. Springer and her gorgeous chestnut, Talent (Houston x Melona), scored a 60.479%, taking the top spot, and showing off the horse’s true talent. “He’s got some super highlights,” she said about the Dutch Warmblood. “His extensions are fabulous and really over the top!  His tempi changes have come along, and he’s become confirmed in the piaffe-passage.  It’s exciting to know that he was definitely ready to come out at this level.”

Springer has owned Talent since he was 4 years old, and working exclusively with trainer, Robert Dover, brought him out in the third and fourth levels at age six.  Bringing him to Grand Prix is quite an achievement for an adult amateur. “It takes lots of motivation and commitment,” Springer advised.  She was awarded a beautiful tri-color ribbon and engraved silver picture frame as part of the AA High Performance Award.

Designed to recognize exceptional performances by adult amateurs, the Piaffe Performance Adult Amateur High Performance Award is given out each week of the Global Dressage Festival. “Adult amateurs are the backbone of our sport,” comments Parra, sponsor of the award. “My team is made up of a number of young riders and adult amateurs, and their dedication to the sport and their horses is undeniable.  I am proud to be able to recognize adult amateurs and their achievements on the GDF circuit in this way.”

For more information on Parra or Piaffe-Performance, visit their website at www.piaffe-performance.com.

For more information contact:
Dr. Cesar Parra

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