IPHDA Reining Patterns

The IPHDA Reining is a reining pattern that has been changed slightly to take the different type of ground and facility out of the equation:

  • Stops will all be judged on the balance and forward energy provided going to the stop so that the stop can be balanced and strong. (Forward energy is what allows horses to stop strong after a small slow circle in NRHA pattern 5). Extension of stride and or quickening of stride will not be allowed on the approach to the stop and will be marked down, as that creates an unfair advantage over the riders who do not have ground suitable for that maneuver from speed and does not require the same balance and forward energy that should be developed.
  • Roll backs will be judged on balance and control starting during and leaving the 180.
  • Circles will be judged on the horses overall balance during the circles and their ability to extend their stride in the large circles.
  • Spins will be judged on balance and cadence and lateral foot speed, with balance being the first criteria.
  • Figure 8s with lead changes can be performed from/with any stride length, and they will be judged on balance during the figures and during the lead change; simple changes of lead through trot will not be penalized but will judged on the overall balance of the 2 transitions involved in a simple lead change.
  • Penalties will be dealt with in the balance evaluation as most penalties incurred during a reining pattern result from poor balance.
  • This will not be judged as a regular reining but in a manner that will promote better balance and better control in every horse.
  • All patterns may be ridden one or 2 handed in any bit.

The IPHDA Reining Patterns and Drawings are on the web site: All IPHDA Patterns.

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