International Dressage Rider Oded Shimoni Wins BEST Rider Award from Personal Trainer Nick Tortora at Wellington Classic Dressage Autumn Challenge

Oded Shimoni won the BEST Rider Award aboard Don Dueto at the Wellington Classic Dressage Autumn Challenge Show. Nick Tortora, founder and personal trainer at BEST, will present the award throughout the season. (Photo courtesy of JRPR)

Wellington, FL (October 24, 2011) – International dressage rider Oded Shimoni, a trainer and coach to many of the top names in the dressage world, found himself in the winner’s circle during the Wellington Classic Dressage Autumn Challenge at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center. Shimoni won the USEF Fourth Level Test 1 aboard Don Dueto and also rode away with the BEST Rider Award. The BEST Award, which stands for Balanced Equestrian Strength Training, will give Shimoni the chance to work with personal trainer Nick Tortora, a Wellington based trainer who focuses on equestrian strength training.

Shimoni was pleased with his win on Don Dueto and said it was the seven-year-old stallion’s first time at a show. “He was great and did everything right,” Shimoni said. “He belongs to an owner in New Hampshire.  I have had him about 11 months and am really excited about him. I am also excited about winning the BEST award and look forward to working with Nick Tortora.”

Tortora, whose clients include McLain Ward and Caroline Roffman, helps riders become stronger, gives them an edge up on the competition and helps each rider move to the next level. “I help riders focus on movement and strengthening any movements they have which may be weak,” Tortora said. “When Oded comes for his free one-hour training session, which also includes a half-hour consultation as well, I will assess how his body moves and then we will work on strengthening his core which will in turn stabilize him on the horse and in day to day life.”

Shimoni is no stranger to the gym and fellow competitors acknowledge that the world champion rider works on staying fit. Shimoni was the first Israeli to qualify for and compete in the World Equestrian Games and he is now an international veteran of three World Equestrian Games and two European Championships. Shimoni also works closely with the US Eventing Team, helping them condition their horses and with their dressage.

Tortora is sponsoring the BEST Rider Award during the 2011/2012 Dressage season and said he looks forward to working with each of the winners. Tortora also helps riders develop their mind-body connection. “As a competitor, the mind-body connection is extremely important. I help riders get in control of their thoughts and that translates into becoming a stronger competitor,” he said. “Our mind is a tool for us and we should be controlling it, not letting it control us. Having a strong mind also translates into having self-confidence; if we don’t believe in ourselves it’s hard to get others to believe in us.”

For more information on BEST, or to schedule a Balanced Equestrian Strength Training session with Tortora, call 561-251-2724 or email him at The Training Experience is located at 12153 Sugar Pine Trail in Wellington.

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