Improve Your Seat & Learn from the Best via Trilogy Saddles’ ‘Developing Your Dream Seat’ Drawing

Trilogy Saddles encourages dressage riders to develop their very own dream seat, so they’re helping FIVE (5) lucky winners receive coaching from some of the very best riders in the world.

The Developing Your Dream Seat program reflects the philosophy at the core of the company. “We want to inspire and educate riders to take responsibility for their own riding position, and to get the training they need to improve their own seat,” says Debbie Witty, Trilogy Saddles founder and president. “Plus, all riders should have dreams and goals, and we’d like to help some of our customers make theirs come true.”

In the Developing Your Dream Seat drawing, Trilogy Saddles customers of all levels and abilities will have an equal opportunity to learn from the best: Winners will receive two lessons from the participating Trilogy Saddles Ambassador of their choice; a ‘lunch & learn’ session with Witty to help understand the mechanics of saddle fit and rider position and how they affect his or her horse’s individual response, performance, and well-being; and a custom fitting of their new Trilogy saddle.

Winners will also have the opportunity to inspire the dreams of other riders, through sharing their experience on the Trilogy Saddles website and Facebook page.

Witty believes the saddle and seat are the most important communication tools between horse and rider; it’s a perspective honed throughout her life as a horsewoman, competitor, instructor, coach, and certified saddle fitter, and one she’s passionate about sharing with the dressage community.

“The quality of the saddle fit and rider position ultimately affects each horse’s capacity to move and perform freely and willingly at the best level of his or her abilities,” says Witty. “A saddle’s fit and the rider’s position shouldn’t impede the horse’s movement anywhere, and if both are correct, they actually enhance horse and rider communication.”

Witty has also started a Trilogy Saddles Best Seat Award, designed to recognize competitors who embody a correct dressage seat that enhances their horse’s performance: Trilogy Saddles – News & ‘Best Seat’ Award Recipients.

Full Developing Your Dream Seat drawing details and contest rules can be viewed at the Trilogy Saddles website. The program is limited to Trilogy Saddle customers residing in the U.S.; winners are responsible for their own travel, lodging, and horse shipping expenses. Stabling arrangements will be available, and all horses are required to have a recent health certificate and a negative Coggins.

About Trilogy Saddles:
Carrying out their philosophy of ‘achieving a greater level of performance and awareness for horse and rider through education, service, and design’ means the Trilogy Saddles team lives and breathes a dedication to comfort, health, performance, and freedom of movement. These qualities are just as important for the horse as for the rider, and it’s up to each Trilogy saddle fitter to ensure that saddle fit and rider position enhance communication, performance, and the overall beauty that is a horse and rider in perfect harmony.

About Debbie Witty:
From the time she could hotwalk racehorses, Debbie Witty’s family held her to exacting standards in the family business. That early training has served her well in a life spent amongst horses and horse people, from Witty’s career as a dressage competitor and instructor to her days helping top equestrians in obtaining the best saddle fit. Witty’s life and work have come full circle with Performance Saddlery and Trilogy Saddles, since she’s able to incorporate everything she’s learned as a trainer and rider, as a tack shop owner, and as a saddle fitter certified by the Society of Master Saddlers of England.

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