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Hubside Jumping in Valence: Quick, Well Done for Benoît Cernin

Without batting an eyelid, by tightening the turns, the French champion Benoit Cernin got everyone to agree with his fast Cookie de Vesvre in the major event of the CSI 4 * at 1.50m, Saturday August 28th. A victory where speed rhymes with fluidity.

This major event brought together fifteen couples among the best in the world. So many pilots determined to do battle, carried by a large crowd that does not shy away from its pleasure in the packed grandstands of the HUBSIDE JUMPING in VALENCE. The course manager Grégory Bodo had concocted a lap allowing the riders to tighten their turns more or less to save time in this speed test. In all: twelve obstacles, including two combinations, that is to say fourteen efforts for the contenders for the victory. France, Portugal, Great Britain, Ireland, and Spain were at the start. The faults were scattered everywhere on the obstacles, the verticals number 3 and number 11 at the end of the course having cost the most.

Very fit now, Marie Pellegrin and Boreale de Fondcombe showed the way, the first duo to sign a perfect course, in 70’92, synonymous with seventh place in the final. It was therefore possible to do as well, but even faster, as demonstrated by John Whitaker and Sharid, down the clock at 66’63 (4s). However, the British did not stay in the lead for long, the leadership of the event constantly changing, successively held by Mégane Meissonnier and Illusion CL (3rd), then finally Benoit Cernin and Cookie de Vesvre, quite simply lowering the stopwatch further of four seconds (61’16). Simply unbeatable!

Full results here.

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