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How Technology Has Changed the Way We Watch Equestrian Sports

Photos: Google Images Creative Commons Licences.

Technology impacts every aspect of our modern lives, from booking a table for dinner to paying for your weekly shop. Interacting with friends and family to working from home. Much has changed over the last two years during the pandemic, and life will never quite be the same again. It’s time to embrace an exciting new dawn as the world of sports, business, and leisure go from strength to strength.

The ancient sport of showjumping certainly hasn’t escaped the reach of tech. The training methods of the riders have been improved with practice times digitally recorded, stored, and improved upon. The health and well-being of the horses is another area where we’ve seen drastic improvements. How we follow the meetings, riders, and horses we love the most has a very modern feel about it. This has helped attract a new generation of fans and participants to showjumping and other popular equestrian sports, including horse racing and dressage.

You can now make predictions on the Kentucky Derby from the comfort of your own home using the smartphone betting apps listed at mytopsportsbooks.com. It’s a wonderful time to be a fan of all things equestrian sports, and in this article, we’d like to prove it. Read on as we discuss how technology has changed the way we watch equestrian sports and how, if you follow our advice, you’ll never miss a chance to follow the progress of your favourite teams in action again.

Times have changed for the better

The days of frantically checking a results service to see how a horse or rider got on in a top competition are over. For generations, if you couldn’t make it along to a showjumping meet, you’d be forced to rely on second-hand information. Perhaps the meet you were most interested in didn’t enjoy live television coverage, or you had a prior engagement and couldn’t get along to the venue. You’d be forced to check for updates on the telephone or online for any breaking news. It was much quicker and more reliable than the methods used by a generation before, but those practices now seem ancient and far too much effort.

The invention and growth in popularity of live streaming apps have allowed fans, trainers, families, and owners to keep in touch, following every jump, step, and score from anywhere in the world. The standout live streaming apps can be downloaded to your Android or an iOS smartphone in a matter of seconds. You must complete the download process just once and, in future, it’s a simple case of logging on with your username and password then watching an HD quality live stream of the competition.

This can be done at home or on the move, if you are commuting or stuck behind at the stables. Perhaps you are a lover of showjumping and are keen to follow the progress of your favourite team. All this can be done at the touch of a button. This really has to be seen to be believed, and if you have no experience of using live streaming apps to watch showjumping or haven’t visited in a while, you’ll be blown away by the quality.

The quality is perfect

For a long time, live streaming sites had a bad reputation, and in many cases, it was deserved. They were slow, plagued by loading or buffering interruptions, and often lacked commentary. Between the breaks in the stream, it was a battle to make out just what was happening from a single camera often held by a shaky hand in the crowd. It was more hassle than it was worth. Not anymore.

Today the quality is perfect with expert commentary and analysis from professionals. There are several exciting camera angles that bring you up close with the action, and the feed is accompanied by live stats, scores, and results. In many cases, the best apps to download for live streaming came from online bookmakers. They offer pre-competition odds and a perfect live stream to encourage members to gamble on the outcome of meetings. The live streams are free to watch if you have made a bet on the event.

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