Horses Healing Hearts Announces the Anthony Michael Bishop Fund after Young Participant’s Father Passes

Wellington, FL – March 20, 2013 – In a world plagued by economic turmoil and the daily trials that challenge us through body, mind and soul, substance abuse and its effects are resounding. Addiction is something that affects the mind and the body, and although Horses Healing Hearts, Inc. uses equine experiential learning to assist the children of parents struggling with this disease, it is something that, unfortunately, many of their children have to face. It is with a heavy heart that Horses Healing Hearts announces the Anthony Michael Bishop fund in remembrance of his departed father, who passed away only last week.

Over 25 percent of the children involved with Horses Healing Hearts have an absent parent, due to death, jail or rehabilitation. Many of these children reside with a family member or an assigned guardian, and Horses Healing Hearts is there to help provide them with the assistance they need to stay strong during the times of doubt, depression and devastation. The death of Anthony’s father is the first one that Horses Healing Hearts has encountered while having a child as part of their family. Although many of the other children have dealt with similar circumstances, they occurred prior to their participation in the non-profit organization’s program.

Anthony is one of Horses Healing Heart’s youngest participants, only six years old. He came to the organization a little over a year ago, and has been living with his grandparents for the last three years in South Florida. The death occurred nearly a week ago; however, the words to explain the death of a parent to a child so young is such a matter of fragility, that it took a few days to form the words to allow him to understand.

Bishop009053The Anthony Michael Bishop Fund will promise this child a good future filled with love and security. Horses Healing Hearts has created an account at Wells Fargo, where those who understand the circumstances he and his family are experiencing, can donate to their cause. Please give the teller at the bank his full name, and all the money raised will go towards nutrition, medicine and education for Anthony.

Horses Healing Hearts is in the process of creating a fund, such as this, to be used for other children that may have or will go through a similar loss and feel the financial burden of having an absent parent. For now, Anthony is at the top of the non-profit organization’s donation list.

“Nearly a quarter of our children have been through the loss of a parent before joining Horses Healing Hearts, but this is the first time it has happened while they are with us,” Ambassador Karina Brez explained. “This is heartbreaking, and we are hoping that we can continue to provide Anthony with the love and compassion he needs while in our care, while helping to raise money for his grandparents who have done an incredible job so far.”

“We at HHH want to thank everyone for all of the prayers and financial support for Anthony’s family during this difficult time. Anthony will grow up being loved by so many incredible strong role models in our HHH family,” Founder of Horses Healing Hearts Liz Olszewski concluded. “In addition to horseback riding, he also loves going to church, fishing with his grandpa and is already a basketball star, having scored 18 of the team’s 40 points at the last game.”

If you would like to donate to the Anthony Michael Bishop fund, please visit your local Wells Fargo bank and make your kind donation under his name. Any general donations to HHH can be made through Any questions can be sent to Liz Olszewski at

Horses Healing Hearts is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to bettering the lives of children of alcoholics and substance abuse through equine experiential learning. To learn more about Horses Healing Hearts or how you can help with donations of money or time, visit or e-mail Liz Olszewski at or call (561) 713-6133.

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