Horse Racing = Injury and Death for Horses

Annual Melbourne Cup Brings Another Devastating Outcome

Another year has come and gone again in Australia, and with it, the passing of another November. For Australians, it’s the time to get dressed up in your classiest clothes, take a day off work to meet up with friends or colleagues, and bet on horses… many of whom will end up dead or injured as a result.

Onlookers at the Melbourne Cup, one of Australia’s biggest horse racing events, were torn with mixed emotions after this year’s race. There was excitement over the first ever female jockey winning the Melbourne Cup, but for many animal rights activists and spectators alike, the real focus was on a ‘fan favorite’ horse, Red Cadeaux, being injured. Luckily, Red Cadeaux was not injured enough to be killed. But this injury should come as no surprise to spectators watching this cruel and inhumane “entertainment.”

Two horses died after the 2014 Melbourne Cup. Admire Ratki collapsed shortly after the race with a heart attack and died. Araldo, shattered his leg in the race, and was then killed due to the injury. Many more horses are ‘euthanized’ once their race days are over.

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