Horse Murderers Still at Large! We Need Your Help!

We are all still in shock and trying to process the deaths of so many majestic creatures. Many of these horses were well known to the staff and we occasionally manage a smile as we recall some of their antics. They were a playfully mischievous bunch – always trying to gain that edge!

They were our family and we deeply grieve their loss.

Your outpouring of love and support has really helped us through these trying times. It is truly heartening to know so many people share our passion for this important cause.

The search is supposedly under way for the ELKO HORSE MURDERERS but the silence is extremely upsetting. We are coming up on 2 weeks and have not even got a courtesy update. Our fear is that this is either not getting the attention it needs or is being swept under the rug.

We need your help!

Please call Jim Barbee, the Director of the Nevada Department of Agriculture, and demand he bring the ELKO HORSE MURDERERS to justice. He can be reached at 775-353-3619 or email the Deputy Director Lynn Hettrick at

We can’t let this savage crime go unpunished. We must show them that the public will not stand for the heinous and premeditated murder of innocent creatures.

The authorities need to hear loud and clear that the public will not allow them to ignore the situation. To some it is no big deal, to others it is a GOOD thing, but to decent people it is a horrific crime that cries out for justice.

Please call and Email today!

How to Help

  1. Call Jim Barbee, Director of the Nevada Department of Agriculture and demand he bring the ELKO HORSE MURDERERS to justice 775-353-3619
  2. Email Deputy Director of the Nevada Department of Agriculture Lynn Hettrick at demanding justice for our horses
  3. Continue to spread the word of this atrocity and the $100,000 REWARD for the capture and conviction of these outlaws

Madeleine Pickens
Saving America’s Mustangs, 2683 Via De La Valle, G 313, Del Mar, CA 92014

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