Hope Greenfield Wins Everglades Dressage Adult Amateur High Score Award at Gold Coast Dressage Opener Festival CDI

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Hope Greenfield, of New Jersey, won the Everglades Dressage Overall High Score Adult Amateur Award with her horse Zuni at the Gold Coast Dressage Opener Festival CDI. Everglades Dressage Farm, and trainer Bethany Peslar of Wellington, sponsors the award. (Photo courtesy of JRPR)

Wellington, FL (February 4, 2011) – The Gold Coast Dressage Opener Festival CDI may have been the biggest show of Hope Greenfield’s career, but that didn’t stop the New Jersey rider from earning the highest Adult Amateur score of the entire show. With a score of 69.714% in the USEF Second Level class aboard her Dutch horse Zuni, Greenfield rode away with the Everglades Dressage Overall High Score Adult Amateur Award at the show, sponsored by Everglades Dressage Farm and Bethany Peslar.

“I was thrilled with how my horse went. The whole weekend was really wonderful,” Greenfield said. “This is my first season to come to Florida and it is a big deal for me. It is much more competitive than what I am used to and this was, by far, the biggest show I have ever shown in.”

Greenfield said she has owned Zuni for a year-and-a-half and bought him because she thought he was a “nifty” horse. She trains with Lauren Sammis and last year sent Zuni to Florida with Sammis. “He’s a nice young horse that I wanted to start correctly so I sent him to Florida last year although I didn’t come down except for a few visits,” Greenfield said. “Zuni is a really fun horse and I was pleased with how he went during the show. I haven’t competed him since June or July so it was a great return to the show ring.”

Trainer Bethany Peslar, who operates Everglades Dressage Farm, congratulated Greenfield on winning the Overall High Score Adult Amateur Award. Greenfield was presented with a beautiful embroidered saddle pad, a leather sugar pouch, and a gift certificate for a free lesson with Peslar at her premier equestrian facility, Everglades Dressage, in the exclusive Grand Prix Village of Wellington.

“I look forward to taking Zuni to Bethany’s facility. I have heard it is quite lovely and it will be a great experience for him to go in her indoor arena. He is young so the more he sees, the better,” Greenfield said.

Peslar is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist, a two-time NAYRC Silver Medalist and in 2006 she was Reserve Champion in the National Young Adult Grand Prix Championship “Brentina Cup” at Gladstone. “It’s wonderful to be sponsoring the Overall High Score Adult Amateur Award,” Peslar said. “I think it is very important to recognize the adult amateurs for all of their hard work. I look forward to meeting Hope and Zuni.”

For more information on Peslar and Everglades Dressage, visit her website at www.evergladesdressage.com.

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