Hemmingway and Shelly Temple Win at Kentucky Classic CDE

Shelly Temple and Hemmingway tackle one of the water hazards at the Kentucky Horse Park. Photo: Shirley McQuillan

October 11, 2012 – The rolling hills of Kentucky bluegrass at the Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington provided a beautiful backdrop for Shelly Temple and Hemmingway’s win in the single preliminary pony class this past weekend.  Shelly Temple drove Hemingway, a German Riding Pony, in his second CDE as a single.  Hemmingway is owned by Irene Gillis of Windsor, South Carolina.

The second CDE proved to be the charm as Shelly and Hemmingway earned a dressage blue ribbon in the 10 pony class.  Shelly states, “Hemmingway is continuing to improve and gain confidence as a single.  He is such a striking pony, and I’m very thankful for the opportunity to train him for Irene Gillis.  They will make a wonderful team.”

On day two of the event saw Hemingway take third place in the marathon and protect his overall lead.  The Kentucky Classic CDE was held on the same course and obstacles as the 2010 World Equestrian Games.  “It was a difficult course so our game plan was to make the marathon a positive event for Hemmingway,” remarks Shelly.  “He finished strong with a positive attitude.

The duo maintained their solid lead in to day three, the cones obstacle driving.  Shelly and Hemmingway drove to a second place in the day’s event with an accurate round; they finished within the allowed time with no course penalties.

Shelly is supported a variety of sponsors, including Kentucky Equine Research, Omega Fields, ThineLine, Purina, Kombat Boots, Charles Owens, and Leather Therapy.

By Jeff Legg, Catalyst Driving

Catalyst Driving Center is an equestrian driving facility in Windsor, South Carolina specializing in the training of all levels of drivers and horses.

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