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Help Us Save Horses Trapped in Texas Floods

“Please hurry!” The desperate calls have been coming in from across Brazoria County. Law enforcement and frightened owners are watching helplessly as horses are trapped by high water.

As the river continues to rise, Habitat for Horses has been called in to rescue as many horses we can. But we need your help fast to rescue every horse and help them recover in the days ahead.

The horses know they are in danger. We’re doing all we can to get there in time. Our search and rescue team is fully deployed using our emergency vehicles.

Pulling frantic horses from the water is exhausting and dangerous. They need medical attention, food, and shelter quickly. Please give!

This disaster will stretch our resources to the limit. Employees are spending hours and even days at the disaster site. We’re all reaching deep to pay for equipment, fuel, supplies, and overtime.

And there’s another unexpected cost: torrential rains wiped out the hay crop in this part of Texas. The cost to feed our horses will double in the weeks ahead.

Please make an emergency donation to Habitat for Horses right away.

The situation is truly grave. We’re not sure how many horses we can save. Your support will help us answer that question, but only if you donate now. The water is still rising. Please hurry!

P.S. Horses caught in the fast moving water are being pushed up against barbed wire fences as they frantically look for solid ground. Please help immediately to ensure we can reach them and bring them to safety. Make an emergency gift to Habitat for Horses now!

Rebecca Williams
Executive Director
Habitat for Horses, Inc.

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