Happy Horse Had a Baby!… And It’s Called Happy Horse Solutions

Have you ever thought that your horse is being uncooperative if he picks up the wrong lead, comes above the bit in transitions, or ignores your leg?

Often the problem isn’t disobedience on your horse’s part. Sometimes your horse seems unwilling simply because your aids are jumbled, confusing, or unclear.

Because the aids are unclear, he has to try to figure out what you really want. And if he chooses the wrong thing, it’s natural to think he’s being uncooperative or disobedient.

Plus it can get very confusing when you hear a lot of different things from different trainers. And if YOU’RE confused, you can be sure your horse is confused.

In Happy Horse and Happy Horse Solutions you’ll see how the aids for movements and exercises (including how to put your horse on the bit!) really can be laid out simply and clearly so you and your horse can communicate much more easily.

Today’s clip on the walk from Happy Horse Solutions is a good example of clear communication. In it, I’ll show you how to get your horse to stretch during the free walk and give you some ideas on what to do if your horse is either lazy in the walk or gets nervous and wants to jig.


Enjoy the journey!

Jane Savoie
1174 Hill St ext.
Berlin, VT 05602

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