Famous People and the Horses They Love: Daryl Hannah, by Claire Dorotik

Perhaps best known for her role as the blonde mermaid in Ron Howard’s film, Splash, Daryl Hannah has appeared in many films throughout the 1980s including Roxanne, Blade Runner, and Wall Street.

However, unlike many beautiful Hollywood actresses, Hannah not only lives a life off the grid, but also in harmony with many things, not in the least of which is horses.

Driving her vegetable oil powered car and demonstrating the safety of the fuel, one of her web videos shows her licking the gas cap. And her solar powered ranch hums along quietly, but about environmental issues, Hannah is not quiet.

She has been arrested many times for her protests of mountaintop removal, urban farm demolition, and the planned Keystone Oil Pipeline.

But for all of her activism, it seems that the actress feels most at home among her horses.

And to that end, she has been outspoken as well, advocating for the horse’s role as active teacher in equine therapy programs. Additionally, Hannah participated with Moving Cloud Productions & Congressmen Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) to announce and promote the ground-breaking film Wild Horses & Renegades, which advocated for the preservation of the American wild horse.

The actress’s personal horses, however, are mainly Andalusians and Friesians, and she has for years practiced liberty and natural horsemanship with the breeds.

To see how Hannah works at liberty with an Andalusian stallion herself, watch this video:


And here is a video from dhlovelife.com, Daryl’s Hannah’s youtube channel, which encompasses all of her sustainable life efforts, and focuses specifically on her work helping preserve and protect horses:


Thanks to the efforts of Hannah, and others like her, attention has been brought to the value of sustainability and humans’ treatment of not only the planet, but those who inhabit it as well, especially, the four legged ones.

Claire Dorotik LMFT

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