Dressage4Kids Tips, by Lendon Gray

I always tell my students that they can’t tell me they can truly do something with their horses unless they do it the best they can do it the FIRST time they do it each day. If you have to practice several times you are still learning it/working on it. So, when you ride today, what can you do the best you are capable of the FIRST time? Sometimes riders just allow themselves to sort of do it and then make it better. Challenge yourself to do “it” the best you can the first time. This could be a walk to trot transition or a schooling canter pirouette.

And if you can’t ride at the moment, sit in a chair and visualize the things you have been working on. Close your eyes and feel yourself on your horse and go through every thought process for every tiny part of doing the movement correctly. Then open your eyes and double check what your instructor has been reminding you – are you doing it the best way you can or the way you tend to do it that is not necessarily your best. Then look at it as the judge sees it – get online and look up tests or tutorials on that movement. Does yours look the same? And if you are riding is there someone who can video just one or two movements that you are doing the best you can the first time?

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