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Dressage under the Stars Congratulates Ruth Hogan Poulsen for an Amazing Performance

By on February 24, 2012

Ruth Hogan Poulsen and Otelo took the top honors at the second Dressage under the Stars. Photo: Elizabeth Vieira/PMG

Wellington, FL – February 23, 2012 – The lustrous lights shone brightly upon the costumed riders and their horses, illuminating the Palm Beach Polo and Hunt Club as Dressage under the Stars as it held its second night. Equestrians and non-equestrians alike filled the venue, and the anticipation was nearly tangible as the event got underway. It was Ruth Hogan Poulsen aboard Otelo who stole the show with her stunning musical selection and freestyle choreography.

Originally from Vermont, Poulsen has been traveling to Wellington, FL, with her husband and team for over 20 years. A veteran freestyle choreographer, Poulsen pulled out all the stops to impress the judges, using her moves and music to also astound the crowds. Poulsen is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist, and was one of the first riders to ever be awarded by the USDF for the Freestyle Gold Bar. Her numerous accolades also include creating the CD series “Riding with Soul,” which effectively helps train amateur riders to have fun while riding to music.

“I believe that music and horses are a great combination and that freestyles should be fun, entertaining and educational,” Poulsen explained. “I am very much involved in freestyle dressage, and I think that is what the sport is all about-keeping riders of any age engaged and loving what they are doing. I am a big advocate for the importance of good horsemanship, partnerships, Dressage and harmony, Dressage under the Stars encompasses all.”

Otelo is a Lusitano owned by Kathleen Hoisington. It is no wonder he earned top scores from the judges, showing off their beauty, grace and elegance with an adorned costume and unique choreography. “I thought my ride was fun and energetic. Otelo was his wonderful self this evening, and this event is especially special to me because of my involvement in freestyle Dressage. Otelo is able to pull out the perfect ride anytime, anywhere,” Poulsen elaborated.

Mary Bahnluk Lauritsen rode Rossignol to the reserve honors falling just behind Poulsen. The duo exemplified the bond that exists between horse and rider after a 10-year partnership. 22-year-old Ali Potasky exhibited previous Dressage under the Stars champion, Lamborghini, to the third place award.

Spectators were pleased with the presiding judges for the night: USDF rated show judge Willette Brown, Ice Dancer Dillon Fieldhouse, and’s Mary Ross. At the peak of the event, over 350 people were counted, exceeding the opening night’s numbers by nearly 15%.

“I thought this was a very fun night,” Fieldhouse stated. “I know very little about the industry, but it was such a pleasure to be asked to judge and provide commentary from the aspect of a different sport. I was very impressed by the performances that I saw. This is a very fun group of people and it is just wonderful to see passion and the diligence these riders have for their work.”

Kelly and Kimberly Straub presented the prizes to the riders at the end of the evening, graciously thanking each of them for their fantastic performances and participation in making Dressage under the Stars a success. The Seraphim12 Foundation provided gift bags for the participants and judges, donating a signature necklace made of imported Japanese silk cords with gold fixing, delicately holding the bronze heart and single seraphinite stone-the quintessence of the symbolism behind the Foundation-a Seraphim12 cap, tee shirt, rubber bracelet and an educational brochure. The information they provided was crucial in raising awareness for their mission as an organization to redefine the relationship between horse and man.

For more information about competing in the fourth season Dressage under the Stars, please call (917) 907-0053. Dinner reservations are strongly encouraged, and can be easily made by calling The Hunt Club at (561) 389-4951. Dressage under the Stars will be held each consecutive Wednesday through April 4, 2012. To stay updated with all of the recent happenings involving Dressage under the Stars, please visit their Facebook.

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