Dressage Rider and World Equestrian Games Competitor Tina Konyot Interviewed on “Horsetalk with Heather” Radio Show

Dressage rider Tina Konyot, who represented the U.S. at the WEG on her black stallion Calecto V, was a guest on the “Horsetalk with Heather” radio show on Day 11 of the WEG. (Photo courtesy of PhelpsPhotos.com)

Lexington, KY (October 12, 2010) – Dressage rider Tina Konyot, who represented the United States on her magnificent stallion Calecto V in the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, was a guest on the radio show “Horsetalk with Heather” on Day 11 of the World Equestrian Games. Radio show host Heather Roderick talked with Konyot about her WEG experience and her partnership with Calecto V.

Konyot described her WEG experience as “tremendous with tremendous electricity. It was wonderful to ride into that arena,” she said. “Calecto is not affected by crowds or lights so he was fine with it all.”

While Konyot finished out of the ribbons, she is pleased that her journey with Calecto took her to WEG. “I purchased Calecto four years ago at an auction. He came from a large farm and hadn’t had a lot of one-on-one attention and no one wanted him. When I got him home he didn’t have any personality at all and no muscling.”

Thanks to Konyot’s incredible bond that she develops with all of her horses, Calecto now “oozes personality.” Now a big, black muscled stallion that draws attention wherever he goes, Konyot described him as “the love of her life.”

Radio show host Roderick praised Konyot for her gentle way with horses and was pleased to learn that Konyot gives the same advice to up-and-coming riders that Konyot follows. “I’ve trained all of my horses myself and the most important thing to do is to love them,” Konyot said. “I think it is important for young riders to learn how to train horses. That is how I have developed a great connection with my horses and that is certainly a reward.”

Roderick asked Konyot if she plans on breeding Calecto V, and Konyot assured her that when the time is right she will. “I absolutely will, but it will be sometime in the future,” Konyot said. “We are just beginning to compete on the international level, we only started 16 months ago.”

Despite the fact that their partnership is still young, Konyot and Calecto V set the dressage ring on fire throughout 2010. At the Collecting Gaits Farm/USEF Festival of Champions, a Selection Trial for WEG, Konyot and Calecto V won four Grand Prix classes.

Konyot said that she and Calecto are now resting in Canada and the great black stallion is enjoying his time off grazing in his paddock. The duo will soon head to Tina’s farm in Florida and begin competing again in January. In the meantime, Tina is looking forward to accepting new horses in for training.

For more information on Konyot, visit her website at www.tinakonyotdressage.com. To listen to Konyot’s Horsetalk Radio interview, go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/horsetalk.

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